Saturday, May 10, 2014

 SchoolTeacher Appreciation Drawing

It was a Teacher Appreciation’s Week this week. As usual, there was “homework”, this time from PTA, with a schedule on what to bring to school on which day. Smarty half-heartedly applied herself and made a “teacher appreciation drawing” for her teacher. She likes her teacher OK, but overall it was an extremely disappointing year where she mostly learned that school is a place of boredom only made tolerable by occasional fun activities and recess.

We were considering different options for the next year and met with our Principal on Thursday to discuss them. She started the conversation by apologizing for the year we had. She has some ideas for the next year for pulling together a cluster group of advanced students who will have more differentiation in the classroom. She also acknowledged that this might not be enough for Smarty and that she will work with us then on other options, especially in math. So our decision is to return to our public school next fall and hope that the second grade was a painful fluke, not a sign of things to come.

After School Practicing archery outside

I have a goal for May to spend some time outside every day. I cannot say that Smarty is always cooperative – she is quick to point out that she already spends time outside during recess and YMCA afterschool program, but I keep encouraging her and offering her to do things outside together. Usually she really enjoys outside activities once she gets into them. You can follow our outside daily missions on Facebook or Google+. Here she is playing Robin Hood. In case you are wondering about her bow – it’s a Z-Curve Bow (affiliate link) that she bought with a gift card for her 7th birthday.

What My Child Is Reading

Prisoner Dilemma

This week Smarty spent less time reading than she usually does – she used her usual reading time before bed to do math on Khan Academy. She loves their point system there and she really wanted to get to 100,000 points to earn an ice cream that I promised her for achieving that level. If she keeps moving as quickly as she does lately, she will probably be done with 4th grade math by the time summer starts. She still read “enough” – she really loves Mysterious Benedict Society series and read The Prisoner Dilemma this week.

Quote of the Week

Enjoying jasmine smell

Smarty, I cannot wait till summer! Only 4 weeks left. It’s getting close… But… it means it is also getting close to the next school year.

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Ticia said...

Even with her half heartedness, it's still a good drawing she made. I think it's very cute.

min said...

I love her drawing and the quote! It's beautiful.

I'm sorry this year has been difficult. But I am impressed with the principal's level of cooperation and wanting to make it better. From my experience, that alone is hard to come by.

Happy Mother's Day!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm impressed with your level of patience for the school.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I hope you have a better year next year! We had a lot of teacher appreciation homework plus all the normal homework, plus sick kids so it was a kind of crazy week. I am frustrated with our local school district's inability to accommodate families in their neighborhood schools, but so far the teaching seems fine. That being said, Emma is advanced in reading and writing, but pretty much grade level in math, and it's easier to accommodate an advanced writer than an advanced mathematician - at least given the way American schools like to teach math. Good luck next year!

Angie G said...

This is my first time visiting here and I have to say, I really love your blog and enjoyed this post. I like to look into people's lives and your writing is so honest. It's a bummer that your daughter's view of school is that its boring. As moms we want our kids to LOVE learning and have a passion for it! Hopefully next year will be better :) p.s. I love that bow and arrow thing she has. I have never seen those!