Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We are excited about approaching summer! With warmer and longer days, there are so many ways to take science outside. In this post I want to share how you can enjoy science all summer long, both at home and in great science summer camps.
10 Ways to Jump Into Summer Science

10 Ways to Enjoy Science Outside:

1. Discover backyard critters, watch them move, attempt to feed them, or make an obstacle course for them. Remember to treat them gently!
Backyard critters
2. Look at flowers and leaves really close. Describe what you see, draw a flower.
Explore a Flower
3. Let your imagination fly and make “perfume” from the flowers in your backyard
Making Perfume
4. Go wild with homemade face paint.
Homemade Face Paint
5. Make some ice boats and explore states of matter
States of Matter
6. Learn to identify local trees and flowers:
Identifying Trees
7. See how volume of ice changes when ice melts – volume and weight experiment.
Volume and Weight Experiment
8. Explore natural wonders of your area during hikes.
California Redwoods
9. Turn your backyard into a chemistry lab for mad scientists.
Mad Scientist in the House
10. Jump into mud, make mud pies, build with mud. By all means, get dirty!
Build with Mud

10 Ways to Take Science Outside - Planet Smarty Pants

Science Camps

We plan to do a lot of science at home this year, but we also like the idea for Smarty to experience the feeling of learning and experimenting with other kids who enjoy science. I am participating in the social campaign to spread the word about Camp Galileo and I am excited to join this campaign since we are sending Smarty to this camp for the first time this summer. We chose this camp based on reviews from parents who sent their own “Smarties” to this camp last year.
Galileo Camps - logo
Galileo runs camps from pre-K all the way through 8th grade, and there are new themes every year. Each week combines art projects, science challenges and outdoor activities. Smarty will attend Adventures Down Under theme, and she is super excited about the camp. You might want to consider Camp Galileo for your kids – just click on the link above and enter 2014INNOVATION code on the checkout to receive $30 discount per camper if you register before May 31st.

More Science Ideas for Kids?

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Backyard Barbecue Blog Hop

Backyard Barbecue Blog Hop 2014
I am delighted to be participating this year in a Backyard Barbecue Blog Hop. Check out ideas for summer fun from my co-hosts and link up yours:
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Ticia said...

Oh that picture of her jumping is fun!

Peta @ Great Googa Moogas said...

I am loving these ideas. Can't wait to try some of them out :)

Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

Love these! I can already tell we'll be trying some of them out this summer (warm weather, come now, please! lol!)

jeannine said...

I'm so impressed that so many people are already planning for summer. We are still going strong with homeschool.

I'm busy planning for my summer volunteer trip to Cambodia. That is all for which my brain has room.

Coombe Mill said...

Lots of my favourite outdoor activities here

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

These are such great ideas! I'm sure my kids would adore Galileo camp, but I don't see it happening this year. Maybe next?

KiddyCharts said...

All of these look like so much fun! Particuarly getting urself a wee bit dirty in the mud. Thx so much for taking part in the Parenting pin it party :-)

Amber Mathison said...

These are all such great ideas! I can't believe summer is coming up so quickly but I am so ready for some warmer weather :) We'll definitely be using this list throughout our summer! Thanks for sharing it with Mom's Library last week! It's one of my features this week!

Mum of One said...

Some brilliant ideas here. Thanks so much for sharing with the Monday #pinitparty. Have pinned.

lkgmita said...

These are so fun!! Thanks for co-hosting the Backyard Barbecue Blog Hop! We'll definitely be trying your ideas.

Anna said...

Seriously, Natalie, your blog keeps getting better and better. This is such a simple and useful post for parents. Love that I can do most of these with almost no prep. Thanks for linking it up!

Anne at Left Brain Craft Brain said...

I love these outdoor science activities! Jealous of the gorgeous balance scale too :)