Thursday, May 29, 2014

Optimizing Your Blog for Pinterest from Planet Smarty Pants

Why Pinterest Matters to Me

I always considered myself a “hobby blogger”. Unfortunately, my notion that I don’t blog for money also made me neglect the fact that I don’t get a lot of traffic and, as one of my blog friends put it, mostly “talking to my hand”. This year I set myself a goal to double my traffic, so I can share my ideas on challenging gifted kids with a wider audience. So far I am tracking pretty well against my goals by increasing my presence in social media and focusing on one platform in particular – Pinterest.

How I Am Becoming Pinterest-Savvy

I started to see the uptick in traffic the moment I started to apply strategies that I first learned reading Pinterest-Savvy book by Melissa Taylor who blogs on one of my favorite blogs Imagination Soup. Here are some of the things that I think are contributing to my success.

1. Pin Good Stuff, Pin A Lot

I had a Pinterest account for years, but I only used it occasionally and for my own purposes. My boards didn’t have categories or descriptions that would allow to find them. Now I pin more often, especially from the source – websites I visit, amazing After School Link Up entries, blogs that I read.

2. Have a Board for Your Blog

Doh! Should be self-evident, but I had an unreasonable dislike of promoting myself. Wrong-wrong-wrong!

3. Join Collaborative Boards

This is tricky, because you have to convince an owner to accept you, and I had mixed results with direct requests. Consider joining a community for your domain of expertise. Kid Blogger Network is a group of amazing and generous ladies, and I collaborate on many of Kid Blogger Network boards.

4. Use “Pinterest Helpers”

I use both ViralTag and Ahalogy tools and consider them complementary. I use Ahalogy to discover content and to pin my own fresh content once a day to most appropriate and most popular collab board. When that pin is repinned and my content is accessed, people are getting “Recommended Pinner” pop-up. I see my number of followers increasing steadily since I started applying this strategy a few weeks ago. As for ViralTag, it’s certainly worth paying for basic membership (250 pins a month, still available after free trial), since it’s a lifesaver in terms of scheduling pins and remembering to pin content to all relevant boards spreading it over time.

5. It’s All About Imagery

I hate to admit it, but I was a content snob. I gave very little thought to photography in my posts, and now I have 5 years worth of posts that need to be updated with more attractive graphics. PicMonkey is another miraculous tool that changed my blogging life. I slowly “upgrade” my old posts using lessons learned from Pinterest Savvy and other sources.

6. Cross-promoting Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest made it easy to promote your boards. I am now inserting a Pinterest board widget for a relevant board into every post, and I also have “follow me” call to action on my blog. In addition, I try to promote popular pins through my other social media.

7. Set Realistic Goals

The ship of getting thousands of new followers every day has sailed, but you can still grow your blog through Pinterest by following the suggestions of Pinterest Savvy. My goal is still modest – 10 followers a day, and I am delighted to be consistently exceeding that lately. Just keep on swimming and enjoy the journey!

Hurry and Get a Free Pinterest Savvy Book!

Pinterest Savvy is free on Amazon today, May 29 through June 2. Hurry and get your copy now. Pinterest Savvy is practical, easy-to-read, and applicable for anyone who is ready to get started or get better on Pinterest. Free chapter guides are available on

More Blogging Tips?

Follow my Pinterest board SEO and Blogging.

Your Turn.

Do you have a Pinterest account? Do you have a board you always check for new ideas? I am partial to After School Activities and Adventures run by The Educators’ Spin on It.


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thanks so much for sharing about Pinterest Savvy, Natalie - you are rockin' on Pinterest!!

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