Saturday, April 26, 2014

School. It was a busy week at school! On Earth Days kiddos worked in the school garden, wrote essays about the ways to care for Earth and planted sunflowers. On Wednesday they had a music concert to showcase their music achievements. Second graders are learning percussion instruments and third graders are learning recorders. Sadly, Smarty has very poor sense of rhythm and tone, and my husband and I keep debating whether she would benefit from music lessons or not. I am interested to hear your point of view.
Home. We had a great Easter. Last Saturday Smarty surprised us with an egg hunt for us. She made pictures, gave us special “passes”, and also shared her candy that she saved. I love her bursts of kindness and generosity to family and friends – she can be very giving when she puts her mind to it.
We Are Learning About… Mexico. We made these Mexican Brownies for Easter, and Smarty did all the mixing on her own in return for licking the spoon. Yes, we are irresponsible parents that allow their child eat batter! We also made adobe mini bricks and read a lot of books about Mexico.
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Aztec News
For our joint reading in the evening, we were reading The Aztec News and learned a lot of interesting details about Aztec civilization. On her own, Smarty read all kinds of books. Her current reading level was tested as mid 11th grade, so comprehension is not an issue as long as she is interested in the subject. She also usually asks us questions when she gets stuck on an unfamiliar word or a concept.
A Funny Quote of the Week:
Smarty coming into our room in the morning and looking at clothes on my chair: I don’t understand why they make bras and underwear pretty. Nobody is supposed to see them anyway!
Most Popular Post this Week
I am refreshing some of my old posts, and I am happy to see one of my most favorite art projects, Mister Seahorse, getting some fresh love through better graphics and social media promotion. This oldie but goodie got more views this week than my new posts.


Phyllis said...

Mid-eleventh grade! I knew she was advanced, but I had no idea that she was that advanced! It does look like a busy week, but a fun week.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun week. Her surprise egg hunt is very cute.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Ticia said...

I read the kids Smarty's quote and now we've just had a 10 minute discussion on underwear.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Smarty has the best quotes!

I vote yes to music lessons, provided you can find an instrument and teacher Smarty enjoys. Some people who appear tone deaf actually have undeveloped perfect pitch - and they don't sing in tune because most Americans sing in relative pitch. Piano or guitar would be a fun way for her to work on rhythm without having to worry too much about tuning (it is fairly easy to play a guitar in tune, unlike violin or cello).