Saturday, April 5, 2014

In our lives. This week was “a mixed bag” in the house. It rained almost every day, which is a good news for California drought, but bad news for children wanting to play outside. Last weekend I came down with a bad virus that is going around at work, and I only started to feel myself again by Wednesday. By that time Smarty was complaining of sore throat and losing her voice (luckily, her illness only lasted a day or two), and my husband was sniffling too. I really hope that my husband will shake his virus off by tonight, because we are leaving tomorrow for a spring break vacation in Mexico. Smarty is super excited to go on her first cruise, and I keep my fingers crossed that everyone is well enough to enjoy it.
Afterschool. Remember our bird house? It certainly attracted more birds to our yard, and a pair of mourning doves decided to nest in our hanging flower basket that is hanging a foot away from our backyard door. There is at least one egg in the basket, and we might be able to observe the baby birds if all goes well. My husband is joking that these birds must be lazy creatures with nerves of steel to nest so close to humans. We read a lot of interesting facts about mourning doves at All About Birds from The Cornell Lab of Ornitology.
Building with Lego. While I was sick last weekend, Smarty and Papa spent hours building this Lego zoo. They kept working on it during the week too. Interestingly, while Smarty loves building with Lego, she rarely really plays with her creations – she has to be in a “special mood” for that.

What My Child Is Reading
Smarty really likes the first book of The Genius Files series by Dan Gutman, and this week she “swallowed” the second book in the series. Sadly, our library doesn’t have book #3 at the moment, but maybe we will have more luck after our vacation.
Plans for the Next Week
Vacation! We are all looking forward to it. I hope we will enjoy our first cruise together and exploring three stops in Mexico.
Your turn:
How was your week? Do you have spring breaks and what did/will you do during yours?


Ticia said...

Our spring break was a few weeks ago, and so I'm kinda thrown by all these people saying it's just now Spring Break.

Ticia said...

The kids are impressed by your Lego zoo.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Brace yourself with the nest. After our crow attack last year, we had one successful nest in our tree. It was a lot of fun to watch the baby birds grow, and learn to fly - but we are still haunted by the violent end to the first nest.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love Smarty's zoo! Interestingly, my kids spend little time building and a lot of time playing with their legos.