Saturday, March 8, 2014

School. My family is back, and everyone is adjusting back to routine. It took a few days of early mornings to get over a jet lag, but now Smarty is mostly back to normal. She enjoyed science this week, where the students did a pendulum project for a science fair and a periscope in Mad Science class.She is also excited about a mini-math club organized by her teacher for the strongest students in the second grade. It's only one day a week for 30 minutes, but it's still progress in comparison to no math differentiation up to now.

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After School. Because of her jet lag, Smarty was rather tired after school. She also needed to catch up with a pile of class work that was given to her for missing a week of school and that she didn’t have time to do in Germany. All that she cares for at the moment is her 30 minutes of computer time. She really got into Minecraft during her trip, but at home she prefers a less intense Hay Day (it requires a network connection, so she couldn’t play it without Internet connectivity). But we got at least one board game too – her favorite Settlers of Catan card game

What My Child Is Reading. Smarty read less than usual this week, because she was so tired. We started on Lives of Scientists for our joint reading before bed, but she wasn’t interested in it after the first two stories. By herself she read a fair mix between fiction and non-fiction.
Places We Are Going. Smarty loved her time to Germany. She brought home a lot of stories, many pictures, and a few German phrases. Unfortunately, the photographer (i.e. my husband) didn’t authorize me to share his photos online. They spent several days in Bremen where my husband is from and in Cologne where his brother lives now. They also visited our friends and had a delightful day in Harz Mountains, a traditional center of Walpurgis Night spring festival in Northern Germany and Central Europe. Smarty is looking forward to going again, and she says that she would love to study in Germany. We are hoping that we might be able to do some sort of exchange program when she is older and send her to Germany for a couple of months to learn the language of her second country of citizenship.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm glad Smarty had a good trip! It would definitely be hard to come back and go straight to school like that.

Phyllis said...

She seems to bounce back pretty easily. I love all the books behind her in the picture. :)