Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Wonders - An Elephant Seal in Ano Nuevo

Yet again I am joining with other kid bloggers to share accomplishments of the month and talk about plans for the next month. You can also join us at Mama Smiles Monthly Goals Link Up.

February 2014 Highlights

February was a busy month for us. Here are some of its highlights.

  • As some of my loyal followers know, last year I went through a pretty grueling 6 month treatment for Hepatitis C. I finally took my “checkpoint test”, and now I am officially cured. I think I am going to celebrate by signing up to donate blood!
  • My daughter and my husband are coming back today from a very exciting two week stay in Germany. They both really enjoyed this trip, and I am looking forward to the stories and the pictures.
  • I had a fantastic trip to Año Nuevo State Park – one of several rookeries for gigantic elephant seals and other marine animals. It’s hard to get reservations for prime months, so I was lucky that my friends happened to have an extra ticket.
  • I think we finally got through to Smarty’s teacher by having to go to a principal and asking to provide her with appropriate challenges in the classroom. I am looking forward to see these accommodations to go in effect in March.
  • I spent a lot of long hours redesigning my blog and moving to Planet Smarty Pants, and I am pleased with the results. I am happy to see my readership increase and hoping that people find my information useful in their own efforts to nurture engaged thinkers.
  • March 2014 Goals

    Monthly goals march 2014

  • Work. A business trip to Israel.
  • Health. Exercise twice a week, walk during lunch break, a meatless dish once a week.
  • Being a good partner. Find a “child sitter”! – this goal “slipped” from February
  • Home improvement. Declutter our garage and prepare for a yard sale – also slipped from February. Spring planting in the garden.
  • Education. Spend more time outside and playing games, less time on computer for Smarty.
  • Special trips. None planned for March at the moment – “maybe” a weekend in the snow.
  • Learning. Attend a retreat for Multicultural Kid Bloggers (today!)
  • Blogging. Organize a Pi Day blog hop to celebrate geometry on March 14. If you are interested, drop me your email in the comments section.
  • Your Turn

    What are some of your March goals?


Phyllis said...

Congratulations on your recovery!! I really like your blog's new look. Looks like you had a great February.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We've got a couple of very good babysitters here, but it might be a bit of a drive to pick them up for evening :)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I really enjoyed the MKB Retreat today!

I'm so happy that your Hep C treatment worked! What wonderful news!!!

I am interested in joining your Pi Day blog hop.

Ticia said...

I want to join the Pi Day blog hop, but am struggling to think of something to do...... Geometry and I don't really get along, I'm more of an Algebra girl, oddly enough.

I can't wait to hear how the MKB day went!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We have the same moving to more outside play for our son this month.

Cassie Osborne said...

We are going to do more outside when it is WARM enough to do it! To cold right now. I'm going to have to find a baby sitter, ours broke his leg and wont be going anywhere for 6 months!

Good goals all around.

Christy McGuire said...

Is it too late to get in on the Pi day celebration?