Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome to Monday After School Link Up. This week I am featuring posts from the last week that really caught my eye and made me read, think, and act.
Educational Ideas from Afterschool Link Up

Last Week on Planet Smarty Pants

Setting Up to Discover an Unknown Liquid
I was away on a business trip to Israel, but my daughter is used to my absences and had a very regular week with play dates, gymnastics, books, and a lot of Minecraft play with Papa. Our weather turned very warm, and our “backyard lab” opened for business a week earlier with an experiment to explore an unknown liquid.

Featured Posts from the Last Week

I am delighted to have terrific co-hosts for Afterschool Link Up. We have a system of splitting comments where each of us comments on posts with a certain number. After I do that, I select the posts to feature. My original thought was to feature Easter learning posts, but I decided to wait another week or two to get a better range, since I want my round up to focus on Easter math. Instead I chose to profile the posts that are not focusing on one craft or activity – posts that made me look, read, think and, in some cases, act.
1. How do you open up the world of art to your children? Rediscovered Families has a lot of great ideas for Enjoying Art With Your Children with links to several other kid blogs.
Enjoying-art-with-your-children from Rediscovered Families
2. A new blog Student Led Learning has an interesting post on questions leading to creative discussions and higher order thinking. We certainly try to promote this kind of discussions at home.
Questions for Creative Discussions from Student Led Learning
3. My daughter is a good speller, but I was still very interested in reading study strategies for spelling and sight words offered by Fantastic Fun and Learning.
Study Strategies for Spell Words from Fantastic Fun and Learning
4. I enjoy reading posts that share tips on how to engage children in acts of service and kindness. The Good Long Road shares an important post on fighting hunger in American children – something that is sometimes hard to fathom and acknowledge. She writes about a Very Hungry Caterpillar Food Drive and about Breakfast after the Bell campaign.
BreakfastChangesLives from Good Long Road
5. I have very mixed feeling about worksheets and very annoyed about how many of them children are expected to complete every week as part of their school day. My co-host The Measured Mom offers her own perspective on worksheets in her post Are Worksheets Good or Bad?
worksheets-good-bad-and-ugly from The Measured Mom
6. As my readers know, we love math, and I couldn’t miss a post from my other cohost What Do We Do All Day about fun math reference books for elementary school. Some of her choices are familiar to us, but I try to keep daughter well supplied with math books, so I’ll be looking for a couple of titles on this list.
math-reference-books from What Do We Do All Day


Ticia said...

Those are some good posts you featured.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Wow, you found excellent posts to feature this week! I had already pinned a couple, but I'm off to read the rest now!

The warm weather has been amazing.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Oh, a couple of your links are strange - blogger added in front, so that has to be removed for them to work for the Rediscovered Families and Student Led Learning blogs.