Saturday, February 15, 2014

School: It was a testing week in school. I am a little confused as to what this testing is about, since California is not doing a normal statewide testing this year due to their switch to Common Core. The district, however, still tests using old curriculum of second grade, which has topics that were moved now to the late part of the second grade or even to the third grade. All this has no relevance for Smarty, since she knows that material, but it reflects the mess and the stress that teachers and administrators are enduring through a poorly managed switch to Common Core. In Russian we have a saying for this, We wanted to do our best, but it turned out to be our usual.

Smarty was not stressed about tests and enjoyed less homework and several special events. Last Friday her school had an annual Father-Daughter dance, and it was her first chance to go, because my husband didn’t want to take her when she was in K and was sick last year. She was very excited, and they both enjoyed their special evening.


Afterschool. Smarty’s class also had a special “snow day” (without any snow unlike the rest of the country!) and a Valentine’s party. Smarty spent a lot of her afterschool time this week working on her homemade Valentine bookmarks for her classmates. She designed them, but my husband laminated the “trunks” and used his Silhouette machine to cut out the hearts. Smarty wrote special messages to every child on the other side, and we had an interesting discussion as to why “white lies” are OK in the situations when you are asked to give presents to people you don’t like or when you receive presents you don’t like.


What My Child Is Reading.

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Every Wednesday Smarty brings home one or two books from You Wouldn’t Want to Be… series from her school library. It always amuses me when she inserts some obscure history facts from these books into conversations on other topics. Together we finished Who Was Albert Einstein.

Places We Are Going. Another special event this week was an annual Science Night organized by our school district, science teachers, and middle grade students for elementary students. It is not the same as science fair – during Science Night students have an opportunity to do hands-on science experiments and ask questions. Interestingly, we always see the same parents and kids at these events, which only proves that education begins and ends at home.


Favorite Quote:

During a science night I was talking to other Moms and mentioned that Smarty and Papa are going to Germany this weekend. One of the Moms said jokingly, Well, every night you can soak in your bathtub. Smarty overheard it and said, Yes, but she will be soaking in her bathtub alone!

I hope that Smarty and Papa have an easy flight and fantastic time in Germany for the next two weeks! I’ll be missing them while soaking in my bathtub alone.


Your Turn

How was your weekend and Valentine’s Day?


Erica MomandKiddo said...

Sounds like a fun week. Sadly, New Kid has been battling cold/flu/fever all week! And your daughter looks so lovely! Enjoy your bathtime. :)

Phyllis said...

A snow day without snow. Sounds interesting. I love the picture of her in the fancy dress. She looks so grown up. The dress is beautiful.

Ticia said...

That last picture of your Little Smarty is a gorgeous picture.

I had to laugh when I saw "his Silhouette," because you don't usually expect it to be his, but I bet he loves it and gets a lot of use out of it with the projects he does.

And that Russian proverb, brilliant, so very true.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Smarty looks beautiful in her green dress! Our school had no testing, and I am glad!

Kelly said...

Good heavens, smart, beautiful, and funny!
I'm chairing our STEM night at our school again this year. If you have time (with all the soaking and all ;) I'd love to know if there was anything at science night that you found helpful as a parent or the kids really enjoyed. Have a fun week.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days