Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Syrofoam Olympic Rink for Small World Play

If You Give a Mouse a Styrofoam Box…

Styrofoam Olympic Rink

I believe in not entertaining children all the time. Every day Smarty has some “unstructured” time where she can do whatever she pleases. Usually she spends this time reading and rarely gets in a crafting mood. However, in early January we unpacked our new family laptop, and its Styrofoam box inspired Smarty to create something. She wanted to make her own skating rink for her Playmobil figures. Neither I nor my husband had anything to do with this project or guided her – it was entirely designed and executed by her. She also thought of covering the floor of her rink with a scotch tape to make it more slippery and spent a lot of time trying different skate designs.

Styrofoam Figure Skates

… She Will Ask for a Straw to Go With It


This Olympic rink became part of her small world play, but we are also playing real games with it. We certainly don’t have space for an air hockey table, but having a “straw hockey” is a good substitute. As we are playing, we are discussing Olympics and how different sports are judged. Now daughter is thinking about designing a snowboard course – I am curious to see how her implementation will look like!

More Resources About Olympics

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    Phyllis said...

    This is fantastic!

    Dayna Abraham said...

    Fantastic! I love the connection to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. What great ideas in this post to set up an invitation and see what your children do with it!

    Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

    I'm so impressed that your daughter made this herself! She did a great job and it looks like she's having fun playing with it too! (Who wouldn't love Straw Hockey?!)

    Ticia said...

    I agree give them unstructured free time and they come up with so much more.

    maryanne @ mama smiles said...

    Well designed, Smarty! I love when my kids make things like this!

    OneMommy said...

    It's so fun when kids get creative! Love this version of "air hockey"!

    Carrie said...

    Very impressive!! You can use it also with your Canada post. Hockey is the national sport! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

    Crystal Mcclean said...

    I LOVE this! Thank you for linking up with Mom's Library. I'll be featuring you this week at Crystal's Tiny Treasures. Have fun watching the Olympics!

    Deceptively Educational said...

    My sons are begging me for a hockey game. It seems everybody is inspired by the winter olympics! I love the use of the marble and the straw!!