Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 in Review and February Goals

January in Review and February Goals

It’s February, which means it’s time to get together with other participants of Monthly Goals and see how we’ve done against the goals set early in the year.

We did pretty well with eating healthy this month, replacing more of our meat dishes with lean chicken and fish. We could still do better with meatless dishes, but I don’t see our daughter becoming a vegetarian any time soon – this girl loves her meat! I am giving us an A- .

I didn’t do as well with exercise. I couldn’t get to my desired 10,000 steps on most days, and I only did yoga sporadically. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself and my family out to practice my bike riding either. C- here.

Work was A in January. I am changing managers next week, but my responsibilities will stay mostly the same. I am hoping to be able to maintain a reasonable work-life balance and very happy that I can work from home at least twice a week.

We spent a lot of time as a couple in January playing Diablo in the evenings. It was fun to work as a team, and we were both somewhat disappointed when we reached an end. I am giving myself an A- in supporting my husband and making him feel special (I still could do more there).

Since we spent so much time playing Diablo, we haven’t progressed at all in our decluttering and home improvement efforts. I have to give us a big fat F here.

January was a busy month in our “afterschool” where Smarty made significant progress in math. She is also enjoying her history books. I give us an A in supporting her interests and guiding her education. Also an A for time we spent together – playing, reading and having fun.

I wanted to watch more documentaries this month, and we watched several this month – some together with my husband and some as a family, so I am giving myself an A in learning.

Finally, I had a great blogging month, and I am happy to see more traffic coming to my blog – both new visitors and return visitors. I doubled my traffic in comparison to December (relatively easy, since fewer people are reading blogs in December anyway!) and hoping to continue to grow as a blogger. I am giving myself an A+ for my efforts in January, but I will need to think how I can rebalance my time better in February.

February Goals

monthly goals linky at mama smiles

  • Work. Have a complete project plan for the three major projects I manage.
  • Health. Exercise twice a week, walk during lunch break, a meatless dish once a week, and get my bloodwork done to see whether I can consider myself “cured”.
  • Being a good partner. Find a “child sitter” this month, so we can go to an opera performance that was gifted to us for Christmas.
  • Home improvement. Declutter our garage and prepare for a yard sale in early March.
  • Education. Have a finalized plan from school for the remainder of this year and the next year. Continue with Khan Academy in math and history “immersion” at home.
  • Special trips. Smarty will go with her father to Germany this month, she is really looking forward to this trip!
  • Learning. Decide on the next knitting project and start working on it.
  • Blogging. Rework at least 10 of my old posts and return to a more sustainable posting of 4 times a week.

Your Turn:

What are some of your goals for February? Are you still sticking with your New Year resolutions or “adjusting them to reality”? If you are a blogger, jump to Mama Smiles Monthly Goals link up and share your goals for February!


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Your goals are ambitious! My only goal this month is to keep my head above water..."just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" :)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Thanks for linking up! Those are some impressive goals! I struggle constantly with blog/chores balance here...

Ticia said...

I got blindsided by the fact it's already February, and so didn't have my goals prepared for this week. I'm working on figuring them out. later today, hopefully.

I love your goals.

Semi-related note, I met someone who works at Blizzard on Saturday, and had quite a fun conversation about World of Warcraft and Diablo (which I had a hard time getting in to after playing WoW).