Monday, February 24, 2014

After School Science Experiments Round Up from Afterschool for Smarty Pants

Science in Our House

Science Experiments and Science Books
My daughter is visiting Germany with her father, so we didn’t get to do much for science this month except reading some good books from our home library. You can check out our recommendations of Books with Science Experiments for Elementary School.

Science Experiments from After School Link Up

Our After School Participants and bloggers sharing their posts during my STEM Tuesdays on Facebook were busy this month! Here are some of the great ideas that were shared:
1. If it’s still cold where you are, you can try these beautiful Color Mixing Icicles from Life With Moore Babies
Color Mixing Icicles from Life With Moore Babies
2. Nerdy Science shared on my FB STEM Tuesday an interesting experiment on comparing properties of balloons with different gases.
Balloons with Different Gases from Nerdy Science
3. Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood shares a terrific set of experiments on Newton’s Laws of Motion – so simple and so fun!
Newton's Laws of Motion from Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood
4. Lemon Lime Adventures has a great experiment on viscosity of different liquids that can be easily found in your cupboard:
Experiments with Viscosity from Lemon Lime Adventures
5. A Mom with a Lesson Plan lives in a place where it doesn’t snow, just like we do, so her experiment is about rain and how rain affects different materials. It takes very little to set up and can lead to a lot of discussions on different subjects.
Rain Effect on Different Materials from A Mom with a Lesson Plan
6. Dr Seuss birthday is approaching, so we will definitely see a lot of oobleck experiments crossing our feeds. I enjoyed this variation from Life Lesson Plans where scents, colors and water beads were added to good old oobleck to turn it into an Oobleck Smoothie Shop – very clever!
Oobleck Smoothie Shop from Life Lesson Plans


Ticia said...

I was going to do some Oobleck, I need to find my copy of Dr Seuss' book about it...

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love the experiments from Nerdy Science - they are always quick, easy, and fairly foolproof. My kids ahve been playing around with test tubes, a lot, but no serious science for a couple weeks. Time to pull the microscope out again, maybe.

Dayna Abraham said...

I love this group of experiments. Thank you so much for including us in this awesome list! Great posts.

Ashley said...

Thanks for hosting and featuring our icicles! I like the new name!