Saturday, January 4, 2014


Happy New Year! Year 2014 started wonderfully for our family. We had another relaxed week of vacation, and a lot of playdates with Smarty’s school friends and their parents. We celebrated a New Year’s Eve at our place with a family of a boy who was Smarty’s best friend since kindergarten. They are not in the same class this year and don’t interact much at home, but when they meet up outside of school, they are like two peas in a pod. All kids went to bed at about 10 pm and slept over together in Smarty’s room. We stayed up until 2 am talking. We really hope that we can have more meet ups like this in 2014.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Associate, and I put the books into an Amazon widget. Most of the books on this list come from our home collection and our city’s public library. We have a large collection of comic books for adults at home (Baby Blues, The Sherman Lagoon, Dilbert, etc.), and daughter is now very interested in reading them, especially The Sherman Lagoon. It’s funny to hear her giggle – she has a rather quirky sense of humor and really enjoys these series.



Staying active. One of our goals for this year is to spend a lot of time being outside, and we did quite well this week. Smarty mastered her big girl bike – we got it in the middle of last year, but it was too big for her. It’s still a little too big, but she is getting more confident in riding it. We also went hiking by ourselves to our favorite hiking spot, and Smarty had fun climbing rocks and trees.


New Experiences. Mom of another one of Smarty’s classmates invited us to come to a horse ranch in Santa Cruz mountains where she volunteers once a week. Smarty got to spend a lot of time with goats and horses and learn how to feed them properly from her more experienced classmate. Interestingly, this girl is a part of a twin pair, but two girls have very different personalities and interests and they go to two different second grade classes in the same school. Their parents are from Germany, and the girls are fully bilingual. Now Smarty is suddenly a lot more interested to learn German – maybe it will finally start happening this year.

New Friends. On Friday we finally met my good blog friend MaryAnne and her family. MaryAnne blogs at Mama Smiles: Joyful Parenting and has four children. Believe it or not, two mom bloggers didn’t take any pictures – we just let kids to play and get to know each other better. MaryAnne and her family are even more likeable in real life than in the pictures on her blog Smile

Your turn: How was the first week of your year? Have you started on your New Year’s resolutions yet? For mine see here.


Phyllis said...

You have had a wonderful year, haven't you? She has grown so much this year.

Ticia said...

I've got a huge collection of comic books like that.
I'm jealous you got to meet up with her, I've yet to actually meet anyone in real life.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

It was so nice to meet you finally last night - thank you for a wonderful evening!

One of my goals for this year is to get my kids riding their bikes - hoping to work on it today.

That's exciting that Smarty has a friend who speaks German at home - that can make such a difference in sparking an interest in learning a second language! My kids were much more interested in French after we went to Montreal.

Christy Killoran said...

I have yet to meet any blog friends. I should have met up with MaryAnne when she lived in MA; we were only about an hour away from each other, but life is busy!

Happy New Year!