Monday, January 13, 2014

Math ideas from Afterschool blog hop

Are You Afraid of Math?

I picked up a Bay Area Parents Magazine the other day, and one article caught my eye. It asked a question, Would you be comfortable admitting to your friends that you hate books and are deathly afraid of reading? Nevertheless, many people have no problems admitting that about math. My goal is to raise a person who sees that math is as beautiful as art and, in fact, art and math are very connected. This is why every day we do something with math, and it doesn’t mean “worksheets”. Last week I was a guest at Teach Beside Me blog where I shared our ways to supplement an elementary school math curriculum at home. I also share our daily Mental Math questions on my Facebook page and add best ideas to my Math and Preschool Math Pinterest boards.

Featured Math Posts from After School Link Up

Sadly, only three math-related posts were linked to After School Link Up this week, but perhaps people are still very much in vacation mode. As a heads up – next week I plan to feature science posts.
1. Lemon Lime Adventures is sharing the tips to get started with math for the youngest learners.
Getting Started With Math at Lemon Lime Adventures
2. Highhill Education shared a fun way to learn advanced Roman numerals with Roman Numeral Bingo
Roman Numerals Bingo from Highhill Education
3. Crafty Moms Share gave an interesting idea from her days as a high school math teacher – having children to write a love poem using math words. I can’t wait to adapt this idea for younger ages – what a great way to combine math and creative writing into one!
For the Love of Geometry at Crafty Moms Share


Dayna Abraham said...

Thank you so much for the feature. I am honored.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Math and art are very much intertwined!

Ticia said...

Those are some good posts you've shared, despite learning Roman Numerals, once you get much past 10 or so I start losing track. I've never remembered the symbol for 50 or 100...