Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Goals

And the year starts…

Birthday-Anna_044It’s this time of the year again – time to evaluate where we are and set goals for 2014. Many people select a word to represent a year ahead. My word from the last year was BALANCE. My word for this year is PURPOSE. We all have 24 hours a day, and I know that I waste a lot of those precious minutes. I would like to spend more time on things supporting my goals and bringing me true joy. I am also trying to set measurable and achievable (hopefully!) goals in specific areas of my life and track them over time. I am glad to join a group of bloggers who want to do the same this year.

Health and Work Goals

Anna-Sep_240We had a great year in 2013. The first half of it was difficult, since I was on a pretty aggressive treatment for my liver problem, and my job was incredibly stressful. Ironically, being so busy at work probably helped me get through my treatment, since I didn’t have a lot of time to focus on how I felt. In January I’ll take the test that will show whether the treatment worked or not – I am hoping for the best.
Health: I lost a lot of weight during my treatment and gained some back once I got off the meds. My goal is to maintain a healthy weight of 120 lbs, replace some of our meat dinners with fish and meatless options, and do yoga and weights at least 3 times a week.
Work: I had a really difficult year at work and considered changing jobs entirely. I am in a better place now with the team I really like, which allows me to take time considering my options. My goal is to do my best in the position I am in and at the same time continue to send resumes and network with the goal of changing jobs this year if the right opportunity presents itself.

Family and Home

Anna-Aug_055Being a good partner. I feel blessed to have a husband who seems sometimes like a superhero – he can do anything when he applies himself to a challenge at hand. He is my partner in all household tasks and in decisions regarding our daughter. I feel sometimes that he gives me a lot more than I give to him, and my goal this year is to do more to show him how much I value everything he does for our family. I am not offering details, I might write more about it in the future posts.
Home. We love the house we live in. We just celebrated 5 years since we bought it. Every year we have at least one home improvement project happening – last year it was a new front door. This year we are hoping to do a new backyard landscaping and replace our backyard patio . A smaller, but a much needed project is organizing our garage, selling and donating things and creating a better workshop for my husband.

Education and Time Together

Anna-Oct_410Smarty is growing both physically and mentally. It warms my heart that most of the time she is cheerful, energetic, and eager to help and to please others. Reading is her main passion, but she also loves music, games, and science. As a family with two working parents, we don’t have a lot of time together, and we want to safeguard the time we have for activities we all enjoy.
Education. In the first few months of this school year we came to realization that our child’s academic needs cannot be met with a regular school program. She is a compliant child and learns to disengage her mind to not stick out so much. Our goal for January is to work with school to create an individual education plan for her, especially in math. Expect more posts from me this year about advocating for gifted learners.
Time Together. If all goes well, Smarty will fly four times this year to visit family and to spend one week with us in the place neither of us has ever visited before. My husband’s work is a lot more flexible, so two of these trips will be for him and Smarty only. We also plan a lot of local trips, plus weekly game nights and “a cooking school with Mama” sessions.

Learning and Blogging Goals

Anna-Sep_240Last year I learned a lot about how to be a better blogger by joining Kid Blogger Network. In a real world I re-learned how to knit and completed my first knitting projects in the last 30 years or so.
Learning. I would like to watch more history documentaries this year, since both my husband and I have interest in history. I would also really like to finally learn how to ride a bike!
Blogging. I am not a big blog, and I blog as a hobby, not as a business, but I would still love to share our resources and activities with more people. My goal is to double my traffic this year through writing posts that appeal to my audience – teachers and parents of gifted students in elementary grades. I also hope to grow through learning more about SEO and through using the power of blogging community, supporting others and being supported by them.

If You Are a Blogger, Join Us

monthly goals linky at mama smiles

Every month we will share our progress through a link up hosted by several bloggers. You can access the link up and link your posts on goals by clicking on the image above.

Your Turn

Are you a goal setter? What are some of your goals for this year?


Kelly said...

I love your goals, so insightful. I've enjoyed reading your blog all these years.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Excellent goals, and I love your word for the year! You know I like to set goals :)

I hope your test results come back with good news! I look forward to hearing how you work with the school to provide a good learning environment for Smarty.

Carrie said...

Wonderful goals for the year! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

Christy Killoran said...

I hope your tests show the results you are hoping for!

I love all of your goals.

Collin is a compliant child too. We have been fortunate to have teachers that are able to challenge him most of the time.

OneMommy said...

Wonderful goals! Still working on mine...