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100 Enrichment Math Activities for children age 3 and up

It’s 100th Day of School!

We celebrated our 100th day of school yesterday, and in honor of this event I am joining with other parent bloggers to share ideas on how we celebrate learning at home. Both my husband and I are engineers, we love math and logic, and we are working hard to foster the same love in our 7 year old daughter. While I share a lot of my own ideas in this post, I am very grateful to participants of Kid Blogger Network and my long time blog friends who contributed their brilliant math posts to this round up. I hope you will find these links useful.

Numbers, Counting, and Early Addition

  1. Giant Bead Abacus from The Imagination Tree
  2. Caterpillar Math with Recycled Lids from The Educators’ Spin On It
  3. Playdough Numbers from Here Come the Girls
  4. Everyday Counting from LalyMom
  5. Learning Math with Loose Parts from One Perfect Day
  6. Math with Plastic Eggs from There’s Just One Mommy
  7. Clip Stick Counting Activity for Toddlers from School Time Snippets
  8. Counting and Number Recognition from Learn with Play at Home
  9. Simple Domino Math for Preschoolers from Teach Preschool
  10. Bottle Top Math from Mothers Madness
  11. Math with Toy Vehicles from The Measured Mom
  12. Number Recognition Activity from JDaniel’s Mom
  13. Getting Started with Math from Lemon Lime Adventures
  14. Math Through Play from Planet Smarty Pants (this blog)

Math Games

  1. DIY Cleenex Box Math Games from Teach Preschool
  2. Budget Friendly Math Games from The Educators’ Spin on It
  3. Number Games with Hook-a-Duck from Here Come the Girls
  4. 5 Simple Games for Number Recognition from Reading Confetti
  5. Digging for Dinosaur Bones from The Imagination Tree
  6. Counting and Measuring with Legos from The Imagination Tree
  7. Lego Math Games from One Perfect Day
  8. Math Grid Game from Teach Beside Me
  9. Game to Teach Numbers and Colors from Little Bins for Little Hands
  10. Fractions Game from What Do We Do All Day
  11. Missing Math Sign Game from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational
  12. Kindergarten Math Game from What Do We Do All Day
  13. Math Games for School from Adventures in Mommydom

Sweet Math

  1. Making Sums Sweeter from Here Come the Girls
  2. M&M Math from Nerdy Baby
  3. Frosting Equivalent Fractions from Almost Unschoolers
  4. 9 Piece Square Puzzle Cookies from Almost Unschoolers
  5. Cookie Sudoku from Almost Unschoolers

Crafty Math

  1. Simple Salt Daugh Counting Cookies from My Little 3 and Me
  2. Chicka-Chicka-123 from Here Come the Girls
  3. Honey Bee Games and Activities from Sugar Aunts
  4. C is for Cow Shapes Craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning
  5. DIY Geoboard with Fabric Loops from Crayon Box Chronicles
  6. Learning About Buildings in Russia from The Educators’ Spin on It
  7. Geometrical Art from Highhill Education

Shapes and Patterns

  1. Exploring Shapes with a Mirror Box from The Imagination Tree
  2. Patterning with Spaghetti and Beads from The Imagination Tree
  3. Patterns with Natural Materials from The Imagination Tree
  4. Seven Patterning Activities from Gift of Curiosity
  5. Finding Shapes and Patterns from Crafty Moms Share
  6. Magnetic Rocket Puzzle from Fantastic Fun and Learning
  7. Shapes and Colors with Rocks from Fun a Day!
  8. DIY Magnetic Tangram Set from School Time Snippets
  9. Giant Homemade Tangrams from JDaniel’s Mom
  10. Angles with Snowflakes from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational
  11. A Tangram Master from Afterschool for Smarty Pants
  12. Origami Math from The Map is Not the Territory

Math Through Movement, Songs, and Nature

  1. Giant Pattern Blocks from The Educator’s Spin on It
  2. Counting in Nature from Sugar Aunts f
  3. Counting Songs Series from Let’s Play Music
  4. Number Line Smash from School Time Snippets
  5. Body Count Game from Creative Connections for Kids 
  6. Sidewalk Math from The Map is Not the Territory
  7. Outdoor Acorn Math from Living Montessori Now
  8. Race to 100 from Afterschool for Smarty Pants

Math Apps and Learning Sites

  1. 5 Best Apps for Math & Counting from Technology in Early Childhood
  2. Fun Math Games for Kids on the Go from iGameMom
  3. Dreambox Review from Planet Smarty Pants
  4. Math Apps for Kids from Pragmatic Mom
  5. Best Math Apps for Elementary School from iGameMom

Books About Math

  1. Picture Books that Teach Math Concepts from Pragmatic Mom
  2. Introducing Factor Trees from Chronicle of Infant Bibliophile
  3. Math Chapter Books from What Do We Do All Day
  4. Our Favorite Math Books from Afterschool for Smarty Pants
  5. Books about Fibonacci and Spirals from Pragmatic Mom

Units of Measurement

  1. Measuring Your Hands from Little Bins for Little Hands
  2. Read a Thermometer from Kids Activities Blog
  3. Measure Me from Afterschool for Smarty Pants
  4. Capacity Scarecrows from Love2Learn2Day
  5. Teach Your Preschooler Money from Afterschool for Smarty Pants
  6. Alice In Wonderland Watch from Almost Unschoolers
  7. Learning to Tell Time from Afterschool for Smarty Pants
  8. Learning Coin Values from Nurturing Learning

Math for Ages 5-7 (K-1 Grades)

  1. Doubles Math Puzzles from Teach Beside Me
  2. Estimation Station from Creative Family Fun
  3. Exploring Teen Numbers from Learn With Play At Home
  4. Statistics for Beginners from Mama Smiles
  5. Place Value Introduction from All Things Beautiful
  6. Math Operations with Math Squares from Afterschool for Smarty Pants
  7. DIY Math Puzzlers from Kids Activities Blog
  8. Tally Mark Dominoes from No Time for Flash Cards
  9. Teaching Missing Addends from The Measured Mom
  10. Hands On Math for Kindergarten & First Grade from Creekside Learning

Math for Ages 8 and Up (Grade 2 and Up)

  1. Fun Ways to Teach Division to Kids from Teach Beside Me
  2. Happy Pi Day from Crafty Moms Share
  3. Roll a Whole Fractions Game from Teach Beside Me
  4. Hands on Math for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade from Creekside Learning
  5. Supplementing School Math Curriculum at Home from Teach Beside Me
  6. Lego 3D Multiplication from Frugal Fun for Boys
  7. Mastering Multiplication Facts from Pragmatic Mom
  8. Stake Your Claim from The Map is Not the Territory
  9. Math for Smarty Pants from Planet Smarty Pants
  10. Beginning Multiplication Problems from All Things Beautiful
  11. Beginning Division Problems from All Things Beautiful
  12. Fibonacci for Children from Almost UnschoolersLet’s Celebrate 100!
100 Days of School Landing Page
I intentionally didn’t include posts devoted to counting to 100 in my round up, since my wonderful partners in 100th Day of School deserve your visit. So here is my 100th way to make math fun – visit other participants to see how we foster love of knowledge in our children in school and after school
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Thanks for including us in your links!! What a great resource!! This is the first year we are "celebrating" the 100th day. My daughter's school assigns a food for each class to collect 100 of to donate to a local food pantry.

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I have to admit math is not one of the areas I work to make fun, possibly because it feels like "yet one more thing."

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