Sunday, December 22, 2013


School. It was the last week of school this year, and it was full of special events. Smarty’s class had a holiday party where almost every Mom volunteered to help. Kids received presents of winter activity books, National Geographic Readers, and pencils. We didn’t do individual teacher presents except cards – everyone chipped in for a bigger holiday basket. Smarty also took a test for third grade math this week – she got 100% on her benchmark second grade math test in November, and we requested to figure out a plan to give her math work on her level. We don’t know yet how this test went – she said that it was easy, but we are looking forward to talking to a teacher and a principal shortly after the next term starts.


Afterschool. We are finally catching up with our pre-Christmas plans, and it’s been a busy week! We:

  • 1. Attended my work Christmas party and had a picture with Santa Claus
  • 2. Decorated our Christmas tree
  • 3. Finished our homemade clay decorations
  • 4. Wrote and mailed Christmas cards
  • 5. Went to a cookie decorating party
  • 6. Shopped and wrapped presents


Places we are going.

In addition to all other events, we kept our annual tradition of seeing the Nutcracker ballet. This time we saw a new production from San Jose Ballet. Overall I liked it even though ballet creators took some liberties with the original story line and even changed places for a couple of pieces. I am yet to see the Nutcracker ballet here in US that I would consider “authentic”, so I am clearly hard to please! We came early, and Smarty agreed to pose for this picture with ballet dancers, but when I asked her what role she would like to play after the  ballet was over, she informed me that she plans to be a mechanical engineer, not a ballerina.

It was a great week, but now it looks like I am coming down with a cold that my husband is just getting over. I am hoping that we are all healthy for Christmas and will enjoy 2 weeks of each other’s company. Christmas vacation, here we come!

Your turn: How was your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Maybe next year you should point out the sound technicians and stage crew, and see if their contributions look more interesting to Anna.

Phyllis said...

She is getting quite tall, isn't she? The boys went to the Nutcracker, too. I love the photo you took of her with the actors. Merry Christmas!

RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer said...

I'd love to take Robbie to see The Nutcracker (we've only watched it on television). I hope they can find some appropriate math for her. Merry Christmas! (I also second the idea of pointing out the more technical side of the production. I've always been more of a "behind-the-scenes" junkie, so I know it would appeal to me.)

Ticia said...

We got to see the Nutcracker live for the first time yesterday and Princess loved it.

Jess said...

I didn't realize you were close by. I got both of my degrees in mechanical engineering, and I work in a motion laboratory where we analyze the way people walk combined with imaging and biological markers to see if we can identify knee osteoarthritis before it becomes painful and hopefully, prevent it or slow it's progression. We also design and test special shoes to relieve knee pain. If you want a tour, I can show you the lab. I also grew up dancing (you can do both).

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Sounds like a fun week! I hope you are all completely healthy soon!