Sunday, December 1, 2013


Fall break. We had a great Thanksgiving break this week. My parents were visiting from the East Coast, and Smarty spent a lot of time playing with her grandparents. She introduced them to Snap Circuits and Rainbow Loom – two of her favorite activities lately. She also loved getting soccer lessons from Dedushka who was a pretty good soccer player in his younger days.


Fall celebrations. We had fun celebrating Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this year. We had our closest friends come over for Thanksgiving, and they all enjoyed a Thanksgiving turkey made by my Mom. In the evenings we were lighting Hanukkah candles and played dreidel. My husband and I enjoyed some time to ourselves. We went hiking and stopped for dinner in our favorite restaurant where we had our first date.

Places We Are Going. We are leaving now to see a new musical produced by San Jose Repertory Theater – The Snow Queen. It’s an early Christmas present for my parents and a great way to start December. It’s good timing too, since this week Smarty has her own stage performance in her school production of Honk.

Your turn: How was your week? I am also looking forward to meeting my non-American readers, will you introduce yourselves in the comments?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This sounds like a great holiday weekend! How nice for you and your husband to get some time to yourselves, too!

Ticia said...

How cool to be able to go to the place you went for your first date. The place Jeff and I went burned down a few years ago, and wasn't rebuilt (at least not as the same thing).