Saturday, December 28, 2013


Christmas. All this week I’ve been battling a nasty cold. It was so bad that I had to skip a Christmas Eve celebration at our friends’ place. Smarty and her Papa went without me and enjoyed exchanging presents with friends and sampling dishes of traditional Swedish julbord (our closest friends are a Swede and a German who are raising their 2 year old son trilingual). On Christmas Day I was feeling better and was able to get out of bed and enjoy opening presents with my family.


Presents. We tried not to go overboard this year, but as an only grandchild on both sides, Smarty still received way too many presents from friends and family. We got her a Lego Friends Bakery set that she really wanted (it was on sale in Target for $25), a Treasury of Greek Mythology, and some new clothes and shoes. Actually, everyone in the family got a Lego set, and it was fun to assemble them together after all the presents were open.


The rest of the week. We are really enjoying our vacation, late mornings and free flow of days. The weather is beautiful, so we are trying to get Smarty to go outside, at least to practice her new Z-Curve Bow. That was not a Christmas present, but a late birthday present that she selected herself on Amazon to buy with a gift certificate that she received. We are all reading a lot, baking, and watching movies. When Smarty goes to bed, my husband and I Christmas_099are playing together Diablo III (my Christmas present). We both don’t like online games, but enjoy coop games on our PS3 where we can work as a team. We also had a first playdate yesterday with Smarty’s classmate and her twin sister. The girls had a lot of fun together making a movie with Smarty’s Lego Friends set. I hope we are all feeling good enough to have more playdates during our second week of vacation.

Your turn. How was your Christmas week? Which gifts were your kids’ favorites and your own favorites?


Ticia said...

I got lots of comic books and games.

The kids got Legos galore, which made the boys quite happy. We too tried not to go overboard, and I think we did better this year.

RockerMom said...

Our eldest loved his new clothes and his air soft pistol with glow-in-the-dark ammo. Robbie loved his Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver (which he received a few days early, while in the hospital). Both boys received Lego sets and loved them (of course). I hope you're feeling better. Have a Happy New Year!!

Phyllis said...

We had many Christmas joys this year. It is hard to say what my brood's favorite gifts were...they got so many!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm sorry you are spending your vacation feeling sick! Christmas here was genuinely simple. Mike's mom sent no gifts (she doesn't celebrate) and my parents sent each child a couple books. They have 17 grandchildren! The doll house and Rush Hour Jr (Johnny's gift from Anna) are both very popular. We also enjoyed a last-minute visit from my sister's family, and my kids enjoyed playing with her 1yo and 2yo sons. They went home today, so this next week will be quieter!

I love that bow and arrow!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

My favorite of the children's presents is a Structures building set - just a bunch of identical pine planks, but sooooo much fun to build with. We've also been catching up on audio books while cleaning up after Christmas and building and far we've listened to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (getting set for the movie), Divergent (which we hated), From the Secret Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (a cute children's story, I'll be reading with my school reading group after break), and T is catching up with the second Percy Jackson installment, after we watched that movie...he's quite impressed that Anna has read the series!

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well over Christmas! Every year I intend to limit gifts, and it never seems to work. My kids have 3 sets of grandparents and bunch of aunts and uncles that spoil them. Fortunately, they are good at getting great building/creating toys, books, nice clothing and not too many electronic/battery toys. One set of grandparents gave us our science museum membership, which we love.'
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Debbie Ingold said...

We had a very good Christmas! I believe Selena's favorite gift besides her Nabi, was her Lalaloopsy doll. We are enjoying all the family gifts of a new Blue Ray and WiFi! My favorite was my iPhone.

Ann said...

I hope you are feeling better.
I like to see Lego sets geared to girls!
We are having a great time just hangin' out and playing : )
My son really likes the Quadrilla marble runner set and my daughter really likes her new Kindle with Freetime. I am enjoying the chocolate a little too much!