Monday, November 11, 2013

How Did The Week Go?

Week of November 4 in Review
It was a “normal” week of school and afterschool for us:
  • 1. A bit of writing practice with “thank you” notes. We also had fun with our "Gratitude Game.
  • 2 and 4. Getting some exercise and enjoying nature.
  • 3 – Practicing her cooking skills.
  • 5 – Finding time for pretend play and playing a vet.

What My Second Grader Is Reading

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Smarty found a new series she is enjoying – Vet Volunteers by Laurie Halse Anderson. Last time she grabbed all 15 books from the bookshelves in the library, and she already read two of them.


Jackie Higgins said...

This is the second blog that has mentioned Duck for Turkey Day. It sounds good. What did you all think of it?

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Love these posts you highlighted. I picked that same post from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!