Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Be the First on Your Children’s Gratitude List

When my daughter was writing her gratitude list, “parents” were at the top of the list. Who could we be more grateful for than for people who gave us life, who raised us to be who we are. I always felt secure in my parents’ love, and I knew that they had my best interests at heart even when I wasn’t pleased with their decisions (like, for example, when they made me go to swimming or tennis even when I wanted to give it up). I followed their footsteps in my career choices as well, attending the same University in my native city of Minsk where they met as students.
It’s interesting to see how much our personality and interests are influenced by our parents. I have inherited a lot of character traits from my father even though many of my interests come more from my Mom. Now I see the same thing happening in the next generation with our daughter copying not so much what we say, but picking up who we are from our everyday choices.
I have a big debt of gratitude to my parents. They didn’t really plan to emigrate, to leave their careers, and plunge into unknown. They had a comfortable middle-class life. But… I moved, and they couldn’t bear to be away from their only child. They traded their engineering jobs to jobs that required more labor and paid a lot less. Now, when I have my own child, I understand all abiding love that moved them to this sacrifice. I don’t know yet whether this bill will be presented to me by my own only child, but I know I will pay it too if and when this time comes.
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Jen Walshaw said...

What a wonderful post and Yes my parents would be at the top of my list now. I am not sure I had the understanding that I do of their sacrifices when I was younger.

Ticia said...

What a wonderful post, and it's good to know just a bit more about you and how you came here.

Joyful Learner said...

Beautiful post! The sacrifices a parent makes do not feel like sacrifices when it's done out of love.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

It's easy to see where your dedication to family comes from! I really enjoyed reading this post.