Sunday, October 6, 2013


School. School was OK despite everyone being very tired in the mornings. We are moving closer to Halloween, so Smarty is doing a lot of Halloween art on Fun Fridays. I feel sad for kids who are behind in their class work and therefore cannot join art – it seems a little unfair. Smarty’s class is studying lifecycle in preparation to the trip to the coastal eucalyptus forests – a wintering place for thousands of monarch butterflies.


Afterschool. As always, Smarty spent a lot of time reading. She is also conducting a pumpkin experiment – I will share it later if she has any success with it. As I mentioned before, we don’t really do a lot on school nights, but she had fun comparing Korea and Norway with two fun books from If You Were Me… series by Carole P. Roman.



Places we are going. This Saturday we went to Northern California Renaissance Faire. It was very big with a lot of various activities going on at once and with ridiculous prices for pretty much anything you wanted to do. It was fun to watch so many people coming in period clothes, and overall we had fun. I don’t expect to go back until Smarty is older and more interested in seeing things than in wanting to do all of them and being disappointed about cost.

Highlights of the Week


  • 1 – Smarty got to be a magician’s helper during Ren Faire’s magic performance.
  • 2 – She was thrilled to try candle making – that took longer than we thought, because she held her candles in the hot wax for too long hoping that they will grow quicker that way.
  • 3 – A future knight… maybe not!
  • 4 – Making chocolate pumpkin cookies at home.
  • 5 – This is her Halloween costume for Halloween night. Clearly, she doesn’t want to be recognized Smile

Your turn – what were highlights of your week?


Phyllis said...

My husband tells me that is a great Ren. Faire. I would love a field trip to a Eucalyptus forest.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

No art for those who are behind doesn't sound like fun - but I suppose the poor teacher has to have something to keep the faster children occupied while the others catch up.

Ticia said...

It's not an uncommon plan for kids behind/misbehaving. A teacher at one of the schools I taught at had a "Fun Friday" for the kids who were on green all week. I don't remember what the other kids did though.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my favorite - were yours chocolate chip, or did you use cocoa?

Good to know about the Renaissance Faire! I would love to give that a try, probably when my kids are older.

I remember having to miss art in second grade (the few weeks of my life I attended US public schools) for what must have been speech therapy (even though my parents apparently had no clue I was being sent to it), and being incredibly frustrated about that.