Sunday, October 20, 2013


School. It was a short week in school, because on Friday all teachers were in meetings on Common Core Rollout. Luckily for Smarty, her school started transition to Common Core when she was in the first grade, but it’s still a big change for everyone, and the gap between different kids is already shockingly large in the second grade. Smarty has a very good teacher (that’s her teacher in this picture during school’s annual Halloween party), and she is really enjoying second grade. We just wish her math program was more challenging, but we keep complementing and challenging her at home every day.


Afterschool. It was a birthday week, and Smarty was super excited about her birthday and about school’s Halloween party that fell on her birthday this year. She wanted to write a picture about Halloween for her little 2 year old friend, but so far the book has exactly one page in it. Maybe the book will acquire more pages this year once birthday excitement is over.


Places we are going. Both of us took a day off on Friday, and we took Smarty to her favorite museum – The Exploratorium in San Francisco. She loved the trip and spent a long time with some of the exhibits that captured her attention. I personally think that the new building creates a major sensory overload for kids, but Smarty is pretty resilient to light and sound, especially when rested, so she didn’t seem to mind all the light and noise confusion around her.

Highlights of the Week


  • 1. Just before her birthday, Smarty’s wish came true and she lost her first tooth.
  • 2. She left us a lovely “thank you” cards “for all the work you put into my birthday”. It was rather sweet!
  • 3. One thing that Smarty really wished for was sent by my parents – an expansion set for her WEDGitS. She really loves this construction set.
  • 4. Our main present was my old Canon Elf camera that now officially belongs to Smarty. She was so excited to get outside and start taking pictures with it.
  • 5. She really enjoyed school Halloween event that yet again fell on her birthday. She said that she got to celebrate her birthday with entire school.

Your turn: What were the highlights of your week?


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Thank you notes for her party!?! That is incredibly sweet.

Phyllis said...

My husband remembers the Exploratorium from his childhood. He loved it. My boys are ready for Halloween, too.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Happy Birthday Smarty! Love that she wrote you thank you cards. That is very sweet!

Ticia said...

I agree thank you notes are super sweet.

I love the picture of the start of her book. It's gonna be super cute when she's done.

Erica MomandKiddo said...

How fun that she can take her own photos now. I love that pumpkin picture.