Sunday, October 13, 2013


School. All of us feel the stress of early mornings, changing weather, and busy schedules. Smarty sounds very hoarse, but no fever. It seems that our entire family is fighting some sort of a virus, because my husband and I are very tired. But Smarty is enjoying school. Her class is studying lifecycles, and they have new “pets” – mealworms and caterpillars. I am happy that we are finally getting into things that I was not able or willing to do at home and that she is learning something new. She is very excited about science at the moment.


Afterschool. We support Smarty’s interest in science and tinkering at home as well even though I wish we had more time available for it. This Wednesday I was able to pick her up from her official afterschool program earlier, and she and her friend designed and made boats. We also started on the new Top Secret Adventure and “traveling” to Greece just in time for her gearing to read Heroes of Olympus series of Rick Riordan – a present from us for her upcoming birthday.


Places we are going. Every year we go to a charity-run pumpkin patch. It’s tiny and sits in the corner of a parking lot in a strip mall. Sometimes I feel a little guilty of not taking Smarty to a real farm, but she is enjoying this little taste of fall, and it’s easy to fit into our busy lives. We are now all set with our pumpkin decorations for this Halloween – we keep our pumpkins whole and carve very close to actual holiday.

Moments of the week:


  • 1 – It always cracks me up to see Smarty’s positions when she is lost in a book…
  • 2- Fall is here! Our neighborhood is really beautiful this time of the year.
  • 3 – More reading. Smarty is really enjoying the first book from Dear America series.
  • 4 – I love this action shot of Smarty in flight – at the pumpkin fair
  • 5 – She took a long time to select her perfect pumpkins for our pumpkin family
  • 6 – Tinkering with Tinkertoys – they remain to be her favorite building set even though she has plenty (too many?) choices.


Christy Killoran said...

I find it difficult to find time to do much after schooling with my kids. By the time they get homework, instrument practice, daily reading, on some days an activity, eating, getting ready for the next's time for bed!!!

I like that action shot! Don't feel guilty- she had fun!

Ticia said...

I love that action shot too, it's great!

Erica MomandKiddo said...

Love that pic of her jumping!