Wednesday, October 30, 2013


October was a fun month in our house and not too bad for me in the work load. We managed to cross quite a few items off our fall bucket list. It is usually a very fun and busy month for us with Halloween-related events, fall hikes and Smarty’s birthday. There were several “firsts” this month for Smarty – she lost her first tooth and carved her pumpkin entirely on her own!


November promises to be a busy month too. Smarty and her Papa are flying to Florida to meet up with her German uncle and aunt, and she is really looking forward to this trip. Then we have a school conference, Thanksgiving break, and my parents’ visit for Thanksgiving week. I am looking forward to seeing my parents and to a date night with my husband – we don’t get to do that nearly often enough!

Here are some goals for November:

  • Start Christmas shopping (or at least have good ideas for friends and family!)
  • Catch up with our digital photo album
  • Declutter and simplify – donate/give away clothes, books, and toys
  • Participate in Toys for Tots and Christmas Giving Tree
  • Finish the scarf I am knitting for my husband

Your turn to share: What’s on your November list?


hey said...

How nice to visit family! Have a wonderful November and date night!


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Sounds like you have some very nice plans ahead. I just started a part-time job tutoring at a private my November plans are to try to organize at home to make homeschooling work with Mom away for a few hours each day.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love your November goals! Putting my list together this evening...

Ticia said...

I really want to work on decluttering, my house is driving me crazy.

Yelena said...

Nice list and very manageable (although decluttering projects can get out of hand). My biggest plan for November is to install a new entry door which also means sprucing up the hallway itself (psst, hubby doesn't know the extent of this project yet). And for fun, we're going on a couple of daytrips to the mountains and, if the weather holds, to the zoo.