Monday, October 14, 2013

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How Did This Week Go?

This busy fall term is finally catching up with us – all three of us are sniffling, tired, and fighting a cold, but so far Smarty didn’t miss any days of school. Now, when the rhythm of school days is known to her, she doesn’t want to miss anything, especially since they are doing lifecycle for their science theme this fall and have live mealworms and caterpillars in their classroom. As I mentioned before, all students grades 2-5 from Smarty’s school are participating in Accelerated Reader program, and Smarty was happy to receive her prizes during the first AR Assembly of the year for passing the first 6 levels in this program (the best readers are expected to pass level 8 by June, but each level requires twice as many points as the previous one).

What My Child Is Reading

I am happy that Smarty is not picking her books based on the number of points that they will earn her in this accelerated program even though she does ask me to look this information up in AR Book Finder. She still picks her books based on her degree of interest in them. This week she read both fiction and non-fiction books

Favorite Non-Fiction Series

When Smarty was in preschool, she couldn’t get enough of fact-based books, and we have various Usborne First Encyclopedias sitting on the shelves in her room. Now, however, she refuses information-based books and wants facts to be told as a story. Our favorite non-fiction series are:
Smarty’s teacher gave us another series to try out – Dear America. This series is designed for somewhat older readers, but Smarty swallowed A Journey to the New World (the first book in the series) in two bites and declared it one of the best books she read. Now I am reading it myself and learning a lot of interesting tidbits about pilgrims that I didn’t know before. I highly recommend this book as a pre-Thanksgiving read for older children (don’t use it as a read-aloud for younger ones, as there is a lot of death and suffering in the book).


Erica MomandKiddo said...

I am so happy that our school does not do an AR program. Every time I hear about them I cringe!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm glad Smarty reads for enjoyment, not just points!
Johnny has a reading program at his school, but there are no points, just space to write book titles. He loves it.

Ticia said...

The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, I've got most of the series, it really is a great series for kids. There's also a companion series called "My America" that's for boys.