Friday, October 18, 2013

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Dinosaurs: Preschool Activities and Books

Dinosaurs Through Years

This week’s topic for one of my favorite linkies Discover and Explore is Dinosaurs and Fossils. While this topic didn’t fit into our October madness, it certainly brought back memories of her fascination with dinosaurs when she was younger and many things we did to support her interest.

Books About Dinosaurs

Over years we read probably a few dozen books about dinosaurs. Amazon widget above has our top fiction and non-fiction favorites.

3 Years Old

Building Dinosaurs

4 Years Old

      Natural History Museum
If it’s at all possible, take your preschooler to a science museum to take real fossils. We were lucky to be able to go to New York Museum of Natural History when we visited my parents.

5 Years Old

Playing with Dinosaur Cards
We used our Target dinosaur cards a lot. There are all kids of games you can play with these cards – dinosaur sorts, “guess a dinosaur” or a “dinosaur war” when the bigger or heavier dinosaur will “take” a smaller dinosaur. We also did “research notes” to encourage early writing.

6 Years Old

I have to say that this year Smarty didn’t show particular interest in dinosaurs. Her current overriding passion is myths of the world, and they have plenty of monsters but no dinosaurs. Perhaps this passion will reawaken later in school years.

Want more?

Check our posts from Discover and Explore participants for more dinosaur fun. I also link this post to my other favorite linkies and blog hops.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

It was fun to see her dinosaur pictures over the years in this post! I love the illustrations in that "I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur" book!

Ticia said...

Oh what a fun look back over the years. She's really grown a lot!

Theresa A said...

Great ideas! I just pinned this to my Preschool Fun board and my Everything Dinosaurs board. : 0 )