Sunday, September 8, 2013


School. Smarty is really enjoying school so far. She had a computerized reading assessment earlier this week and was very proud to be recognized officially as an advanced reader. All kids of her school from grade 2 and up are participating in an “accelerated reader” program. Smarty is pleased with an idea of taking tests on the books she reads, earning points and redeeming these points for prizes. I have mixed feelings about material rewards for something that is already her passion, but I don’t think that at this point they will kill her internal drive of reading for pleasure.


Afterschool. It’s going to be a very busy fall for our daughter. The earliest she comes home is at 4:30 pm – she is either in Y afterschool care for 3 days a week or in a theater program that is offered by her school this year in cooperation with Starting Arts. She continues to do gymnastics once a week as well, but we are determined to keep our weekends free to spend time as a family and see our friends.


Places we are going. One of our favorite weekend activities is hiking. Last weekend we went to a new park recommended by a friend. Smarty had a blast climbing trees and wading in a creek for the first time. Once she fell and skinned her chest quite a bit, so there were scary looking scratches to demonstrate to her friends on Tuesday. What kind of childhood would it be without “adventure scars”?

Highlights of the week


  • 1 – Helping with the laundry – she thinks that doing laundry is “super fun”.
  • 2 – A portrait of our family for Opa (her German grandfather).
  • 3 – Celebrating Rosh Hashanah with a snack of apples, honey, and a challah
  • 4 – One of those precious “first experiences” – first wading in a creek.
  • 5 – A science experiment with “instant snow”
  • 6 – Catching the last hurray of summer in our community pool.

Your turn to share – what were highlights of your week?


Phyllis said...

I don't know how you get so much done in your already busy week. Wow.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Her family portrait is great! We have had a good time seeing the country and family and friends on our way across the country.

Ticia said...

According to my boys, not much of one......

So does Opa mean Grandpa in German? I was thinking I'd heard it called out in some movies, maybe that was Greek....... Hmmmmmm, now I need to think on that one.