Sunday, September 22, 2013


School. Smarty had a good week in school. She is really enjoying Accelerated Reader program and wants to lead second grade in the number of points earned. We had a conference with her teacher and shared our concerns about math. Her teacher promised to challenge her more with advanced math tasks and then we’ll look in a month or so at whether she should be doing more.


Afterschool. Our weeks are busy, and most of our afterschool activities are happening in really short chunks of time. Usually we do something together between 5:30 and 6 pm (a board game, going outside, or going to the library), and then Smarty has her 30 minutes of computer time while I or my husband make dinner. On weekends we have time for longer activities – a craft project, a science experiment, or baking together. Lately, daughter doesn’t want me to read to her before bed – her silent reading speed is very high, and she prefers to read to herself. Instead we do 15-30 minutes of math or just talk about our days.


Places we are going. Last Sunday we went to see the Moon Festival celebrations organized by the local Chinese cultural center. Daughter enjoyed a calligraphy lesson while I was fascinated by Lion dancers and by two beautiful girls playing guzheng. The best part for both of us was discovering San Jose History park, looking at the old buildings, visiting a print office, and taking a ride on a trolley that celebrated its 90th anniversary this year.

Highlights of the week


  • 1. We painted most of our clay creations
  • 2. Lion dance during Autumn Moon Festival last week
  • 3. Math squares – Papa’s invention to replace boring worksheets
  • 4. Spending time outside
  • 5. We had a fun science experiment on Wednesday – more on that later this week.
  • 6. My feeble attempt to capture a full moon

Your turn: How was your week?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

The Harvest Moon festival sounds great! We will have to go next year. I'm glad Smarty's teacher is trying to challenge her in math. I need to try your husband's math squares with Emma!

Ticia said...

I"m trying to conceive of my kids asking to do mental math...... I guess they do after a fashion.