Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I am joining with a group of wonderful kid bloggers to take you on a journey around the world in 12 dishes. This month we stop in a country far “down under” – New Zealand.

New Zealand Dish

IMG_1309 I admit that I was “cheating” a little here as we are also learning more about Australia at home following our latest issue of Top Secret Adventures. While searching for an appropriate recipe to cook, I chose the ones that work both for Australia and New Zealand – lamb chops “down under” with crunchy potatoes wedges. I found both recipes doing a search term New Zealand recipes for kids and noticed only later that both links brought me to Smile


Smarty was very willing to help me cook. She was particularly hungry that day and ended up eating a lot of ingredients that she usually doesn’t eat, for example, hard boiled eggs. Her help was mostly in peeling potatoes, cutting them into wedges, and chopping eggs. She always disappears as cleaning time approaches.

I thought lamb chops were deliciously tender and juicy. Sadly, however, my husband doesn’t like lamb and doesn’t like bones in his meat, so he was not a big fan. Smarty gobbled up all her potatoes and declared herself full. So I am thinking potatoes will be repeated while I have to continue to enjoy lamb in the restaurants.

Reading About New Zealand


Smarty knew quite a bit about New Zealand already from The Story of the World. She was able to recall basic facts about Maori and about British expansion. We learned more about modern day New Zealand from a book that came with Top Secret Adventures, and Smarty also enjoyed a book of Myths of Oceania that included several Maori legends. Her favorite was about a trickster Maui who slowed down the sun

New Zealand Activities


Last weekend we went to see team USA battle team New Zealand in a sailing race called America’s Cup. So far New Zealand is leading 7:1. We were also inspired by jade pendants of Maori to create our own clay pendants (and a lot of other clay creations). And our best discovery from New Zealand was a ritual of Maori hongi greetings that we now like to do at home.

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Also check out Around the World in 12 Dishes on Pinterest. Be sure to follow so you will not miss a thing!
Please share any dishes you have tried from New Zealand or crafts, activities, etc. to teach your child(ren) about New Zealand.


Christy Killoran said...

I love this and want to participate in the worst way! I'm hoping to jump on board once we get our routine set - we're almost there!

Ticia said...

I need to check out the crunchy potatoes, that'd be a big hit in my house.

I always have the hardest time getting the linky to work.

Joyful Learner said...

My husband likes lamb so I should try making it one day. I don't enjoy cooking very much but you make it sound so very appetizing the way you mix it in with interesting facts and history.

I visited a family in New Zealand and they cooked us a lovely meal. Unfortunately, the only thing I remember was the sherry which was amazing. :)

K. Stone said...

Lamb can be a tough choice for picky eaters. Good for you for trying!

lkgmita said...

First off, I love your new look! And I am impressed that you tackled a main dish together. Sounds like it turned out well! And thank you for sharing the great resources

Valerie GlitteringMuffins said...

Recipe sounds great, but I may use pork chop for personal taste. The book reads interesting and the clay pendants are a really cool idea! Thanks for participating :)