Sunday, August 4, 2013


In our lives… This is a scheduled post. By the time is live, we are probably getting ready to drive to Manhattan and board our cruise ship while Anna is enjoying all the attention from her adoring Babushka (grandma). We were all looking forward to this trip and hope to come back well rested, relaxed, and ready to get back to work and to school. Hopefully, we will come back healthy – our track record with cruises has been spotty in this regard.


Summer learning. Anna went to a chess camp this week. She liked it OK, but both my husband and I thought that it was a disaster. It looked like they took way too many kids, so they didn’t have space for all of them. Out of three sub groups (beginners, intermediate, advanced) only one group could actually be in the room, the other 2 groups had to play chess outside. In general, most time was spent playing in the park that learning to play chess, and Anna didn’t seem to make any new friends there (lesson to myself – next time we need to make sure we sign her up with someone she knows already). Also, no way we are signing up for any other camps with this facility in the future!

Collage of the week:


  • 1. Putting together our Asia Geo Puzzle (sadly, we lost Nepal)
  • 2. Silly faces
  • 3. A little math work before leaving for a fun birthday party
  • 4. We play a lot of board games lately. Post on that is coming up
  • 5. My husband crocheted a small blanket, and Anna, with some help, converted it to a cape for her American doll.
  • 6. At a friends’ house – Anna was interested in being a big sister… for about 10 minutes. Then it was back to reading. “Little brother” was not amused.


Ticia said...

I'm impressed at the variety of crafts your husband can do. I can pretend to crochet, but I mangle most projects. Not patient enough for counting.

Erica MomandKiddo said...

I am soooo behind on my blog reading (as usual)! I love these photos of Anna.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It is shame that all the kids couldn't sit inside and learn to play. Have a great trip!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That picture with Anna's temporary little brother is too funny!

I hope you have a wonderful - and healthy - cruise!

What a shame about that camp. I worked a camp that was run like that one summer in college. Not fun for anyone - counselors OR campers.

Joyful Learner said...

I love all the photos! I hear you about the camps. Most of them are glorified babysitting in my opinion. They usually sound wonderful on paper but that's about it.

We've been making clothes for K's American girl doll also. I'm surprised to discover it's actually fun.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Hmm I thought I left a comment on this maybe not. Or maybe it's stuck in moderation since I know you are away.

Anyhow, I LOVED that photo of Anna with her "little brother". Too funny!

What a shame about losing Nepal, and about the summer camp. I hope you have a wonderful, healthy cruise!