Sunday, August 25, 2013


Highlights of the week:

This week Ms Smarty started second grade! All of us had serious first day jitters, but her first week of school went very well. She immediately clicked with her new teacher and is looking forward to school every morning. It looks like I’ll be changing teams at work again, but this time it’s something I am looking forward to, as I will be hopefully working for someone I really like and respect.

Afterschool activitiesIMG_0990

We were mostly adjusting to a new schedule this week, and Smarty had little energy or interest for anything “organized”. She used her computer time (30 minutes) to unwind and play games on Cool Math. We started our virtual tour to Australia by reading a lot of books, but hopefully we will do more over weekends.

Sunshine Kids California Blog HopBlog news and web resources

I am participating in Sunshine Kids California Blog Hop organized by California Kid Bloggers. Hurry up and link your posts about our wonderful state. In other news, my blog is now on Facebook where I share more books and resources and think up a math problem for advanced learners (suitable for grades 1-3) every day. My own favorite web resources this week were:

Week in Pictures


  • 1. First day of second grade!
  • 2. School playground is back in action.
  • 3. Someone got in trouble with me by forgetting a book on the playground in school.
  • 4. A pristine-looking classroom on the first school morning.
  • 5. A pancake breakfast at our favorite restaurant a day before school.
  • 6. Climbing a rock wall at a birthday party for her friend last Sunday.


Ticia said...

YOu know, I don't think I said it on the actual post, but I love the first day of school outfit she's wearing.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Hooray for a great start to the school year!