Thursday, August 15, 2013


Two events came together that prompted me to try and go back on a virtual trip to Egypt – I finished reading The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, and Egypt was an August country for Around the World in 12 Dishes blog hop that I am hoping to join before the month is over. Sadly, both my husband and I decided that The Kane Chronicles are more intense than Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan and didn’t deliver these books to our daughter’s Kindle. Therefore Ms Smarty Pants had very little interest in all things Egyptian and was not too thrilled with our decision to bypass her favorite Museum of Natural History and visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art instead during our one day in New York City last week.
How the Sphinx Got to the MuseumDespite her lack of enthusiasm in the museum, she really enjoyed the book that I picked up from the library hold on our return. How the Sphinx Got to the Museum by Jessie Hartland is creatively written and illustrated and can be read by children of different ages. Younger kids will enjoy a cumulative story line, older readers will appreciate introduction to different trades related to art and archaeology as well as some new vocabulary. They will learn a tragic story of an artifact itself – the story that has a happy end. We highly recommend this book and will be looking for its companion – How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum.IMG_0838
Anna wasn’t interested in being photographed next to the Sphinx. At that point she longed to get out of Egyptian section and find “real art”. It also doesn’t look good for my plans to spend more time “in Egypt” in August since we got next Top Secret package, and now Anna can’t wait to go to Australia. Oh well, hopefully we will have more luck a few years down the road.
IMG_0827In the meantime I will share our best posts: from previous virtual trips to Egypt:


Your turn: Do you have any favorite books about museums or museum visits?

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    Ticia said...

    I probably would have been in the same predicament as you. A few years ago a nearby (and by that I mean 2 hours away) museum had an actual real mummy on exhibit, and this amazing exhibit, and they were not as intrigued by it as I was. Sigh, alas poor me.

    Joyful Learner said...

    You just reminded me that our membership at the Egyptian museum is almost over. I can't believe we've only gone one time the entire year!

    The Around the World in 12 Dishes sound like fun.

    The Met is so big, you have to visit again and again to see everything. How did Anna like NY?

    JDaniel4's Mom said...

    I love the Egyptian section. I spent hours there when I visited New York. How cool that she likes "real" art.

    An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

    I've given up trying to be on the same page with the kids' interest. I pursue mine - they pursue theirs and if they happen to cross - fantastic. Of course - themed snacks are usually for my interests - and if they want to share them with me...they might have to glance through the book I'm reading, or watch a short video :)

    Christy Killoran said...

    I would love to participate in that blog hop, but I find it so hard to find the time for things like that these days.

    Collin finds anything Egyptian to be very interesting!

    maryanne @ mama smiles said...

    I will definitely look for a copy of that picture book. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Marie-Claude Leroux said...

    We haven't read any books related to museums - though books and museums are a huge part of what we do as a family - the sphinx book looks interesting,we'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Carrie said...

    Oh, such a fun tie in to Egypt. I know we found so many great resources for our "trip" to Egypt this month. I was hoping to get my daughter to the Boston Fine Arts Museum to see their Egyptian Collection, but we haven't done it yet. Thank you for sharing on Sharing Saturday!!

    Frances Evans said...

    Thank you for linking up at Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #7.

    lkgmita said...

    Too bad! Sounds like a great book, though! And I am so glad you are a part of the Around the World in 12 Dishes series now! Thanks for sharing at the Culture Swapper