Sunday, June 16, 2013

In our lives… Anna’s school year ended on Thursday. Her first grade flew by incredibly quickly. The end of the year report card told us that she is doing very well on all academic subjects (duh!) and “needs improvement” on organizational skills (duh! again). Anna didn’t seem to be upset at all with saying goodbye to her school friends and is looking forward to making new friends in her summer camp that starts next week.
Summer school. Of course, summer doesn’t mean that Anna’s brain goes on vacation. As always, she is reading a lot, plays on Dreambox working in the third grade math and can earn additional computer time by writing. She also got two new science kits from grandparents as a graduation gift and already started on Light. I might write an additional post on these kits if I have time.
Places we are going. On Friday Anna was invited to join her friend and go to the Gilroy Gardens with them. She really enjoyed this trip, but from some things she said I realized we need to work more on manners during these kind of outings. Anna tends to be very direct in asking for things and arguing for her “rights” – the idea of just being grateful for an opportunity doesn’t come naturally to her.
Happy Father’s Day! While I was visiting my parents in New Jersey, Anna had a great time with Papa. They always click much better and find their own special rhythm when I am not around. Anna made several presents for Father’s Day in school and at Y, and we decorated a picture frame together. She also wrote this short essay, I love my papa… because he tickles really well. He is a good Lego builder. He is good at making and fixing stuff. He can program computer/iPad “apps”! He likes to play with me a lot. He is an awesome Dad to have. I am sure Papa will be happy to receive this letter today. Happy Father’s Day to all great Dads out there including mine Smile


Sarah said...

Aw, what a sweet letter to Papa! The manners thing is totally normal. It must just seem odd to you since she is academically so much older!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love her essay - it's so sweet! I hope you will write about the kits - we've had good luck with the couple of ScienceWiz kits. We did the physics kit about nine years ago, and the older children still talk about it.

Debbie said...

Boy, I do agree with Sarah, I must admit after this year of helping with the softball many of the girls lacked in the manner area. Selena had her moments as well. Remember they are still developing those social aspects and skills.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love Anna's letter - so sweet!

Phyllis said...

I think that gratitude doesn't come naturally to any child. It is something I have to work on with my kids frequently.