Sunday, May 26, 2013

This was a travel week for us as we decided to take a break from school and work and visit San Diego again.

San Diego 2013_764

Monday. Anna was really looking forward to visiting Legoland again. Monday was much more crowded in comparison to our previous visit in October, but we still managed to do all the rides and repeat favorite rides several times. Ironically, we still didn’t go on water rides since cold wind kept us cool to the point of being chilly. Anna didn’t mind though as she doesn’t like being wet unless she is very hot.

San Diego 2013_918

Tuesday. We went back to San Diego Safari Park, which is an amazing breeding and conservation facility affiliated with San Diego Zoo. It is so huge that we couldn’t visit all areas of the park during our October visit. This time we had some amazing animal encounters – watching elephants cool themselves in the stream, watching a male lion roar angrily at a passing bus and feeding lorikeets.

San Diego 2013_990 Wednesday. San Diego Zoo was not in our initial plans, but cold weather made us cancel our beach plans, and Anna talked us into going to the Zoo instead. We had something there that could be an opportunity of a lifetime – we watched a healthy panda cub playing in the tree and entertaining the audience with his climbing skills. I really hope that Anna is not the last generation that will be able to see live pandas.

San Diego 2013-Anna_109

Thursday. We had a 2 day Legoland pass, so we headed back to Legoland and spent a more relaxed and non-crowded day there. This time Anna spent some time in the room where kids could build and race Lego cars. Amazingly, she managed to “outengineer” her father and even won one of the races between several car builders. She couldn’t be more proud.

San Diego 2013_577

Friday. The real reason I really wanted to go back to San Diego area is to be able to see shuttle Endeavour that is now on display in California Science Center. We spent all Friday in this excellent museum of science – my only complaint about it that it might be a little too hands on with an overwhelming amount of buttons to push for various exhibits. Anna enjoyed seeing Endeavour, but she hated the smell of the holding hangar – she stated that it smells like an airplane. So much for wanting to be an astronaut with her sensitivity to mechanical smells!

On Saturday we had an uneventful but long drive home and spent our weekend resettling ourselves. It’s always a little sad when one adventure ends, but we are looking forward to summer, to warmer weather and to more time on the road.


Kelly said...

What a fun trip! Little J has been asking to go to a Lego Land. I hope he's not too old by the time I get one planned.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Ticia said...

I would have loved to see the Endeavor. Now you have me wanting to go out to San Diego again.......

We never made it to the build legos thing at Legoland, but it looks so cool.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

What a fantastic trip! We've often thought we'd like to visit some of the sights in California - if only they weren't in California :) We're not much for traffic or crowds - but you make it all sound tempting.

Sarah said...

It looks like you had an amazing week! I loved reading about Anna's lego vehicle.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

what a wonderful trip! The San Diego Safari Park sounds amazing!

I had a friend who had the job of babysitting the shuttle for several nights - she posted some very fun photos on Facebook!

Emma wants to be an astronaut, but she shares Anna's sensitivity to smells. Hmm...