Monday, April 8, 2013


School. It was a pretty scientific week for Anna – her class had a field trip to the Youth Science Institute where they learned more about plants, there was a science fair in school where her class participated with a group project, and one of her Easter presents from grandparents was this Electricity Science kit. She just read an issue of Ask magazine about electricity, so she was very enthusiastic about the kit and went through all experiments at once with some help from her father.


What’s new?. Another one of Anna’s Easter presents was My First Sewing Kit by Alex Toys. Anna is very excited to start learning how to sew, but it’s definitely something that is not coming as easily to her, as, for example, math facts. Perhaps her fine motor skills are still a little too immature for this, since, after all, the kit is marked as 7+. But she is trying hard and hopefully her first stuffed animal will be actually completed in April.


Afterschool. Hopefully, I’ll get out a math post this week, but a lot of math is happening in the house lately with Anna constantly asking for math word problems, logic problems and calculation problems similar to the one in this picture. Since both of us consider math skills essential for everyday life, we are very happy with her interest in math!

Happiness Picture of the Week:



Ticia said...

I've eyed those first sewing kits from time to time, but never quite end up buying them. Right now Princess is working on a doll quilt, and she's enjoying that project.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I adore your happiness picture of the week series. One thing I have learned about ALEX Toys products is that if they say 7+ they usually mean 7+ - not true of other toy companies. I am sure Anna can figure it out, though - she is a clever and persevering girl!

anutacielo said...

Lovely happiness picture! Oooh, I need to get D. one of those sewing kits, I was considering making one myself, but maybe I should just buy it :)

Christy Killoran said...

Reagan has that sewing kit too, and it is definitely challenging. She needs a lot of help from me, and that is not what I intended when I got it since I have zero sewing ability!