Wednesday, March 6, 2013

monthly goals linky at mama smiles

Mar3_HCoePark3February was a very busy month at work for me and for my husband. We were juggling long days and long hours, and some home projects were delayed for sheer lack of time or energy for them. But we stuck to the goal of getting out to the nature every weekend and overall our busyness didn’t seem to affect Anna much. She was happily enjoying her afterschool time at Y, learning to play chess and making up stories. My treatment is going as well as can be expected, and I am now at the mid point and sort of used to the side effects. I am sort of taking it one day at a time and try not to berate myself for not accomplishing all things on my to do list. I do have a few goals for March:Mar2_Spring

1. Ensure a smooth transition of my old responsibilities at work to a new manager and help him come up to speed on 1,000 things I got myself entangled in over years.

2. Learn to ride a bike! I promised to Anna that when she learns to ride a bike, I will get a bike and learn to ride it too. My cracked rib interfered, but now it’s healed, and we just bought me a bike last weekend (to arrive tomorrow).


3. Get an appointment with an optometrist – it’s high time for new glasses and for actually using them.

4. Celebrate (or at least acknowledge) special events of the month – Read Across America Day, Passover and Easter, St Patrick’s Day, Women’s History Month, National Craft Month and a Pi Day.

5. A stretch goal – to actually make it to the snow. Not very likely now, since I will be in an offsite event at work for a week starting this weekend. But it’s good to plan!


Ticia said...

It's always good to have that stretch goal!

I'm working on figuring out what I want to do to celebrate the different holidays.

Christy Killoran said...

I'm glad to hear all is well! I can ride a bike, but haven't ridden one in years!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Great goals! I hope you are able to get them all done - and I wish we could send you some of our snow!

Kelly said...

These seem like wonderful goals. Good luck with your bike riding. I'm sure Anna will be thrilled to ride with you.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days