Sunday, January 6, 2013


In our lives… Happy New Year! Unfortunately, I was quite sick for celebrations and was struggling with a nasty cold for the rest of the week. I am finally beginning to feel better now, but now Anna is coughing, and I can only hope that she won’t have it as bad as I did. There were several nights when I couldn’t sleep because of non-stop hacking. In positive news, my medicine is working – I got very encouraging test results, and I am hopeful that I will be done with the treatment by mid year.


What’s new? Anna is finally riding her bike! It was funny that her confidence increased dramatically after a random meeting in a park with another father who recommended using a long scarf as a sort of a “seat belt” to support her in the first tries. It took only a couple of days for her to master taking off and stopping on her own, and she couldn’t be more proud of herself.


Afterschool. Sadly, we didn’t get to do much during Anna’s 2 week school break because I was sick most of the time. We played a lot of board games though, and Anna is getting a good hang of Monopoly and Scrabble. Yesterday we celebrated a National Bird Day by going on a bird watching walk around our neighborhood. I plan to write a separate post about it later this week.


Quote of the week:

  • Anna: We watched Brave in Y today?
  • Me: Oh. How did you like the movie?
  • Anna: I didn’t like it at all. It was way too scary. The witch scared me to half death. In fact, I cannot get that pesky witch out of my mind even when I hit my head with something.
  • Me: But the witch was supposed to be funny! And the movie ends well, right?
  • Anna: It was not funny to me! And I suppose the movie ends well, but I moved from my place to the teacher’s lap and kept thinking about that witch.


Christy said...

Glad you are feeling better and the medicine is working. I hope Anna is better soon.

Reagan thought Brave was scary too.

Debbie said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better and for the great test results! Sure hope Anna doesn't get too sick, and quickly gets rid of her cough.

Congrats Anna on learning to ride your bike with no training wheels. We are still working on that here, but I know it didn't help when we had to jump bike sizes on Selena before the training wheels came off.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm very happy to hear your medication is working!

Thanks for the bike tip! We'll have to give it a try when the weather warms up here.

We haven't seen Brave, but I heard from someone else that it does get quite scary.

Kylie said...

Glad you are feeling better, nothing worse than being ill, especially over the holidays.

LOL I've not seen Brave, will have to keep that in mind Anna. ;-)

Phyllis said...

Good news to hear that the medicine is working!! I am sorry to hear that you were sick. We, too, have been very sick, and it sounds like the same sort of thing. We are just now getting better, although not up to normal yet. I hope Anna doesn't get it, too. Wonderful that she is learning to ride a bike...that is a great milestone.

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry you spent your holidays being ill. That's a huge bummer. But I'm very happy about your medication working! I hope Anna feels better soon. It's great she figured her bike out!

Ticia said...

I agree the witch seemed scary at times. My kids found Marduk scarier though.

Julie said...

So glad to hear that the medication is working well. Sorry you've been sick. I'm sitting here hacking away as I read this. As far as Brave goes, I took M to see it at the theater and she did not like it at all.

Joyful Learner said...

Everyone seemed to be sick in the east coast and now the west! Hope you feel better soon. How wonderful Anna can ride a bike! As for Brave, even K thought the witch was too scary too. She didn't like the movie and I wasn't too crazy about it too, surprisingly.

Yelena said...

This is awesome that Anna can now ride a bike! Good for her! M still refuses to ride a bike or even give it a try. I hope your treatment continues to work and you will start feeling better very soon.