Saturday, January 12, 2013

We delight in introducing our daughter to different cultures and beliefs around the world. In this post I am sharing books about Buddha and Buddhism. I hope that it will be useful for families like ours - families who are interested to learn more about profound teachings of Buddha without necessarily practicing Buddhism at home.
Books about Buddha and Buddhism for kids and teens
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We enjoyed other books of Demi before – this is one of the illustrators that Smarty is able to identify right away due to her very distinctive style. I didn’t know before reading this book that she is a Buddhist, and she certainly invested a lot of love and energy into both the story telling the life journey of Buddha and the illustrations. The book also gives a short summary of Buddhist beliefs – it would be interestingly to compare and contrast them with Ten Commandments and Christian teachings when Smarty is older.

Buddhist Tales
Buddhist Tales from Barefoot Books is an excellent collection of stories from different cultures. Each story is set in a different country (a couple of stories is set in imaginary lands) and I found them refreshingly different. Each story is also followed by a short parable. Parables went whoosh over my daughter’s head, but she really enjoyed the tales and their illustrations. I would recommend the book to older kids due to the length of the stories, but adults will enjoy them as well.
Buddha Stories
The third book we read was also by Demi – Buddha Stories. The stories themselves are short and lovely, and I especially liked the short “punch line” in the end. Interestingly, a couple of the stories with slight variations, were covered in Marcia Williams’ Tales from Ancient India book, and Smarty was pleased to repeat her favorites. But both of us didn’t care for gold on black format both for text and illustrations, lack of contrast makes it pretty hard on the eyes. Still, this book is probably most appropriate for younger kids because the stories


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I really appreciate this post, because you don't get many recommendations for books centered around Buddhism for kids. Thanks!

yogamama said...

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Ticia said...

Oh my goodness you're right these are great books (sorry I'm late in commenting, I accidentally deleted about 20 blogs from my reader the other day, and am still sorting out what I lost, of course it was all of my friend's blogs).

I didn't know Demi was Buddhist either, how interesting.

Erica MomandKiddo said...

Have you also read the Zen Ties picture books? They are amazingly good.