Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Jan18_RockDay1One of a special days that we put on this month’s calendar was a Rock Day. It’s funny how just naming a day gives way to all kinds of ideas. In fact, both me and Anna had so many that our rock day just keeps going. Anna immediately wanted to do “rock sculptures”. I knew that we didn’t have time or energy for it at 5:30 pm on Friday and talked her into a rock garden instead. It was a very “makeshift” rock garden with a sand from a sandbox, but Anna was happy with it.


We revisited the idea of rock sculptures the next day. Anna had her heart set on making “a rock dog”. We had a lively debate about how big the dog should be (she originally wanted a sizeable boulder for a body) and eventually found a compromise. She had to test her legs carefully to make sure they stabilize the body – a great lesson in physics…


I let Anna use a glue gun on her own for the first time – she was in paradise. She is a pretty careful kid, and our glue gun is small and pretty safe to use. She immediately wanted to make more rock sculptures, we talked about ancient altars (since our history arc right now is Ancient Rome) and made a cairn. I can see a lot more requests for a glue gun in our immediate future.

All About Rocks

Of course, I couldn’t resist to stick some formal knowledge in, and we watched a movie All About Rocks & Minerals from Earth Science for Children series. It was rather fast paced in comparison to similar movies we watched in the past and covered a lot of topics in 20 minutes. I, for once, now know the difference between igneous and sedimentary rocks, Anna just got a general idea that there are different types of rocks made out of different minerals, and this is quite good enough for now.

If You Find a Rock

We also, of course, read a book. If You Find a Rock by Peggy Christian went very well with our activities of the past couple of weeks when Anna got to play with splashing rocks, try skipping rocks, and now she can’t wait to find a wishing rock. She also wants to start her own rock collection, but I think we need to discuss it with papa first (and also find appropriate storage).

A rock day was big success, and I can see us playing more with rocks (and with a glue gun) this year than we ever were before.


Sarah said...

Another great idea. I love it!

Phyllis said...

I love that book! Yes, I found that young kids love naming a day and thoroughly investigating the topic. We have not done that in a long while.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I don't think my son has ever found a rock he didn't like. I will need to look for the rock book.

Ticia said...

I tend to learn the difference between the different rocks and then promptly forget it the next day, every single time I learn it. I even did a cool experiment involving rice krispies once to help remember, and still don't.

Debbie said...

If only I could send you half the rocks that Selena has collected over the 5 years of exploring outdoors. She would love a day like this, it would mean more rocks...but she won't do anything constructive with them. They are too much a part of nature to destroy their perfect beauty is what she tells me.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Glue guns are a lot of fun - and I agree that the low heat ones are pretty safe. Emma would get to use ours a lot more if she didn't have so many curious younger siblings!

I need to look at a calendar and plan some of the fun days like "rock days" - especially for when the kids are out of school.

Susan Getty said...

Rock Day sounds like it was a big hit! My girls collect rocks everywhere they go...we have them in various places, both indoors and out.