Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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2012 year flew by very quickly. I wouldn’t call it a year a change for our family. We are in the same house, in the same jobs, our daughter goes to the same school, and we mostly have the same friends and interests that we have a year ago. Overall, it was a good and peaceful year where we got to travel, see our family and savor our daughter’s enthusiasm for trying new things.

Dec31_GoalsThe Educator’s Spin on It had a fun printable for New Year. Anna enthusiastically answered the questions of the mini-interview. It was interesting to note that she named staying organized as the hardest thing to do – it’s so true both for her and for myself. She also said that she wants to learn to write in cursive, but I think we will simply wait until the second grade rolls along and her fine motor skills mature more. Anna’s goal for 2013 is to be more organized, to be happy and be ready to learn new things. I think there is wisdom in her goals – being happy is what we all want, but we all define it somewhat differently.

For me the most important goal and hope of the year is to stick with my treatment and not to take on too much as I go through a rather grueling 6 months. The first half of the year I want to focus on health and balance – not taking on too many projects at work or outside until I gain my health and my energy back. I hope that the theme of the second half will be home and gratitude as we hopefully will be able to do some home renovation projects we postponed and to spend more time traveling and seeing family.

I am not sure how much “afterschooling” we will be doing this year. Anna is doing fantastic in school, and, realistically, we only have weekends to do things together. Again, in the interests of balance, I’d rather spend time playing board games and drawing together than doing more academics. We do plan to continue our journey in history with The Story of the World. Anna asked for and received volume 3 for Christmas, but we are still in the end of Volume 1 in supplementary reading and I will follow Anna’s guidance as to where we should go next in our history explorations.

I am hoping that all of you, my blog friends, have a fantastic 2013. Let the year begin!


Momand Kiddo said...

Here's to a great 2013 for you, too!

Susan said...

I hope you have a very happy and healthy 2013!!

Debbie said...

Happy New Year!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope you have a wonderful new year. Taking care of yourself is so important.

Ticia said...

Happy New Year!

I'm horrid at remembering to take medicine, so I feel your pain on going through a 6 month course of treatment.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Happy New Year!

I really hope your treatment goes well and that you can see the results and start feeling better soon.

Anna's goals are very wise, especially for a six-year-old!

Emma would also like to learn cursive. Maybe this summer.

Julie said...

Happy New Year! I've come to that same place in terms of afterschooling. We still read together and play lots of games together, but academics after school have really dropped off. I do have a goal this year of helping M understand maps and geography. Whereas her brother took to it immediately at an early age, she's really struggling. So that's our academic focus this year.