Sunday, December 9, 2012


In our lives. Another busy week passed by. We celebrated my birthday on Monday. Anna was very sweet in putting together a goody bag for me. It included a special note to take my pills, some drawings, candy and two dollars. She has such a hard time parting with her money that I had to really appreciate that part of the gift.

Dec4_15School. We had some concerns about the “progress report” that we received during our parent-teacher conference. Basically, it said that Anna is “progressing towards year end-goals” in most of the categories. Since we know that Anna is working well beyond grade in some areas, especially in reading, we challenged the report and were invited for a repeat parent-teacher conference (my husband was sick during the first conference). We left reassured that Anna’s teacher “gets her”, but we also know now that public school progress reporting system is not really set up to accommodate kids like Anna. All we can hope for is that she has good teachers and strong peers, and this year she does have both.


Christmas prep. It was a pretty busy week, but we managed to complete a couple of our “Advent missions”. We donated new books to the library and selected DVDs, sheets, toys and canned food for a shelter donation. We read a couple of books about Christmas in different lands, and we went on a drive with friends to see Christmas decorations in our local park – it’s truly spectacular.


Quote of the week:

  • Anna: Mama, is Santa Claus real? He doesn’t really live on the North Pole, does he?
  • Me: Mmm… What do you think?
  • Anna: I think it’s you who fill out the stockings, but I don’t understand why you act so surprised when you open them. Don’t you know what’s inside?


Debbie said...

Anna can sure crack me up with her quotes.

Glad you got your questions answered from the school. Children like ours truly are not accommodated in the public school, I guess that is what we are for to be their advocate.

Phyllis said...

It is too bad that the system is not really set up to accommodate kids like Anna. It seems as if her accomplishments should be honored.

Leah C said...

As a former teacher I know that, sadly, teachers have to teach to the middle of the road kid. So those who are higher (or lower) often get overlooked. I'm glad your questions were answered though and hope things continue to go well.

Susan said...

Anna made me laugh!
Happy, happy birthday to you :)
It's good that your questions were answered during your conference...I hope that all goes well as you move forward.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Anna's goody bag for you sounds very sweet - especially with the cash - what a sacrifice!

Ticia said...

I like the idea of Advent missions, what a cool way to do it.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday (a little late)! Love her quote - but dread that question from my kids... As far as the progress reports go, we have the same thing. It's a standard letter that every kid gets unless there's an issue. I remember C's teacher explaining it the first time we got it, which was nice since I also would have wondered why he wasn't doing better than average! :-)

hey said...

As a former public school teacher, I understand your concern. Progress reports rarely allow teachers to present a full picture.

If a classroom is set-up correctly, many different levels can grow and learn in the same setting. It's good to know Anna's teacher is aware of her growth. :)


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I always adore Anna's quotes! Our kids have always known that we are Santa Claus, but I've noticed they still act like he is real sometimes.

I hope the school system continues to work out for you.

Brimful Curiosities said...

As my daughter grows older, I've noticed the reports become more specific concerning abilities, at least in our school system. However, I've found that the teacher conferences are always much more informative than the paper report.

Christy said...

Anna is so wise!

We had parent teacher conferences this week (we have trimesters), and we have the same concerns. I have always hated the elementary grading system. Luckily, the teachers Collin and Reagan have seem to be very interested in challenging them appropriately. Unfortunately, the principal and the grading system seem to be more concerned about not making anyone feel bad than with grading correctly. I could go on and on and on.

Hope you are feeling well.