Sunday, December 30, 2012


Of course this week was all about Christmas, presents and playing with them. We celebrated Christmas Eve at our friends’ place and Anna was allowed to open their presents for her and one present that she brought from home – a new bathrobe and slippers for her American doll from Babushka and Dedushka. Apparently new clothes make dolls a lot more interesting… for a day or two at least.








Presents from Santa – a “cute puppy from IKEA” Anna asked for and her first real silver necklace – she was thrilled!

Dec25_PlaymobilA main present from Oma and Opa – a Playmobil Camper set

Dec25_LegoA main present from her German aunt and aunt – a huge set of Lego blocks

Dec25_TrackA main present from us – Hot Wheels Track set. She loves it!

Dec25_DressAnna also wanted “a blue and green” dress. We looked online together in early December and Anna really liked this one. I had my doubts, but it looks great on her. Clearly, her enthusiasm for posing was waning when I was taking this photo.

We all also got games, games and more games and are slowly trying them out this week. It’s been raining a lot, and I am not feeling great this week with many fevers probably related to my medicine side effects. In other words, it’s a perfect week to take it slowly, play with new toys and gather some energy for the next year ahead.


Phyllis said...

Sounds like a great Christmas for Anna!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope the side effects go away soon.

It looks like Anna had a wonderful Christmas with some great toys. Johnny would ADORE that hot wheels track! I'll have to keep that in mind for him for someday.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the suspended track! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!! Not fun being sick!!

And what fun gifts!!! We got some new games too and have been spreading our Christmas fun out! Hoping to try some of the games this weekend!

Sarah said...

I love seeing Anna having fun with all her presents, especially since I think of her as being more of a crafter and reader! I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy, but it's good you have new games to play while you're resting at home. I hope you feel better soon!

Ticia said...

Looks a lot like Christmas at my house :) very similar presents.
Merry Christmas my friend!

Debbie said...

Looks like a very nice Christmas.

Christy said...

Love that dress! Lots of fun presents!

We got two new games - Ticket to Ride and Nowhere to Go - they are both big hits!

I hope you feel better soon!