Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Reader cover

We love Amy Hest books. We read a lot of them before, so when I was asked to review her new book The Reader, I jumped at the opportunity. Since my six year old daughter is a very fluent reader, I wanted to share the book with her more like a discovery rather than a read-aloud, so I kept asking her questions as we were going through the pages of the book:

  • Me (Holding the book): What do you think the book will be about?
  • Anna: The reader, of course.
  • Me: Who do you think is a reader?
  • Anna: This child in the picture.
  • Me: But he is outside with his dog.
  • Anna: He is holding a suitcase. There must be a book in this suitcase.
  • Later in the book…
  • Me: What do you think about the pictures?
  • Anna: They are beautiful. Did the person who wrote a book also drew pictures?
  • Me: Let’s look at the cover. Lauren Castillo drew the pictures. She is an illustrator.
  • Anna: I’d rather do both for my books. But I cannot draw as well as she does.
  • In the end of the book:
  • Me: How if the boy in the book like you?
  • Anna: Well, he likes to read. But he has a dog, and he lives in a place with a lot of snow and no people. I really want to see snow this year.
  • Me: What was a problem in the story?
  • Anna: Mama! This is the story without a problem! It’s almost like a science book, and I haven’t even noticed it.
  • Me: Would you recommend this book to A? (her best friend who is also 6)
  • Anna: Umm… This book is kind of “babyish”. A likes real books like The Magic Tree House. But I would recommend it to B! (A’s sister who is 4).

In summary, The Reader is a beautiful picture book that will delight young readers. It could be a perfect “season starter” book as the world turns into “winter wonderland” in many parts of the country. I want to thank Amazon Children's Publishing for providing me a free copy for this review.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This book looks lovely. We haven't read many Amy Hest books - I'll have to look for some at the library.

Momand Kiddo said...

I first saw this book on Lauren Castillo's blog when she was still working on the illustrations and have been wanting to read it ever since!

Jessi Joon said...

This book looks perfect for the snowy season to come!

Jessi Joon said...

This book is perfect for the cozy snowy weather to come!

Ticia said...

I got a copy to review too and I agree with Anna, the illustrations are gorgeous!

Lauren Castillo said...

Thanks so much for the review of our book! Happy to hear that you and Anna enjoyed it : )

Jen Altman said...

No link up?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love the way you interviewed Anna for this review - we'll keep an eye out for the book, even if it is "babyish" - for the illustrations :) I hope Anna gets to see some snow this winter - we've already had a week of it, and it's been glorious!