Sunday, October 7, 2012


In our lives… It was a busy week for adults, but Anna wasn’t affected much by business. Either Papa or Mama were there for her to pick her up, feed her, hug her and play with her, and this is really what matters most. The weather was making wild swings from 100 degrees to more reasonable 70s, and next week the rains are expected to come.


Afterschool. Anna’s topic in “Mad Science” class was “states of the matter”, and they got to experiment with dry ice. At home she was reading a lot as usual, and I am still making a point to cook together once or twice a week. This week we tried two new dishes – a mini-meatloaf and a sesame-crusted catfish filet. The second is definitely going to be repeated soon.


What’s new? Anna has a on-off relationship with Lego. This week she chanced upon an old Lego Jr magazine and was suddenly motivated to respond to a “Christmas scene” challenge. It was from the last year, but I didn’t have a heart to tell her that. Anyway, for several days she was building this scene with a little help from our Master Lego Builder, and they were both very pleased with the result.


Quote of the week: You know, mama, I really love music. Sometimes I catch myself humming, and I didn’t know that I started. I also hear melodies everywhere – like now in the car I hear the engine melody, and outside I hear trees’ melody… Music is now my favorite subject in school, and I am glad that Y has a dance club this year.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

The sesame-crusted catfish filet sounds good!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I bet you love to hear her hum. JDaniel will break into song while playing. I love to hear his sweet voice.

Debbie said...

I love Anna's quote, Selena has come to me several times and tried to explain how songs just swirl around in her head.

Susan said...

I love the Lego scene :) It's neat that Anna got to experiment with dry ice...Mad Science class sounds like such fun!
I like the way Anna described hearing the melodies everywhere.

Ticia said...

Princess hears and makes music everywhere too :)
At times I think it's all the kiddos care about is having at least one parent home.