Monday, September 3, 2012


In our lives… It was the first week of school here! Anna was super excited to go back to the same wonderful teacher she had in kindergarten. She is now one of 15 first graders in her combo K-1 class. She has a kindergarten buddy and tries hard to be a good example to her new friend. Anna is also excited to be able to buy food and eat lunch in school cafeteria. I know many people manage to put together fantastic fun and nutritious lunches for their kids, but I was never able to really put needed thought, time and energy into prepping her lunches. Maybe cafeteria food loses its appeal in a couple of years, but for now it looks like we’ll stick to it.


What we are learning… Transition to early mornings and longer school days is tough on all of us. Anna was coming home exhausted and was not interested in any activities except reading. We are moving her bedtime earlier – hopefully my husband will manage next week to get her to a desired time of 8:30 pm. She bounced back nicely on the weekend after sleeping for 12+ hours and catching up on much needed rest.


What’s new? Anna took on several longer projects these weeks and completed them on her own. It’s interesting to see her putting more thoughts and planning in her projects. I was also excited when she suddenly wanted to try out a 100 piece puzzle. My husband and I like puzzles, but until now our daughter just “wasn’t getting it”. I helped her a little, but she was very proud when she did a 100 puzzle almost on her own.


Quote of the week:

  • Meeting a neighbor on Friday afternoon.
  • Neighbor: How was the first week of school?
  • Anna: Awesome! I had the best teacher in the whole wide world, and I have her again!
  • Neighbor: But aren’t you happy that you will have a long weekend?
  • Anna (shocked): No, I would really like to go to school! I love school!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

How fantastic that she loves school so much!

I am hoping that Emma copes with a full day of school all right. She certainly came home from kindergarten tired last year! Johnny and Lily have afternoon preschool this year, so at least they will all be recovering from school at the same time.

Susan said...

It's so good that Anna is enjoying school so much :) I bet after she gets adjusted to the new routine, she won't be as exhausted.
Yay for Anna completing her own projects, and doing the puzzle!

Ticia said...

I'll be so happy when my kids are into puzzles that I can enjoy too. They're starting to want to do bigger ones, but it's a slow transition process. I'm with you and love puzzles too.

Oh, and if it were up to me to pack a school lunch in the morning, my kids would be eating school lunches too. Another plus in my mind for homeschooling, I don't have to think ahead for lunch.

Christy said...

Reagan had full day Kindergarten, so there will not be any adjustment to the school day. Tomorrow is our first day of school. As much as I have tried, my kids have not been able to get to sleep earlier and I think the first week or so is going to be tough as far as sleep goes!!! I am sure that Anna will be a great big buddy to the Kindergartener!

Julie said...

I'm glad she's enjoying 1st grade so much despite being more tired! M hasn't been tired at all with her first days at K, which is very surprising. I remember C was exhausted! My kids buy lunch when they like what's on the menu. Like you, I'm not very good about putting together nutritious meals when they don't buy.