Monday, June 11, 2012


School. Summer break has officially started! Anna was very sad to say goodbye to her magical teacher and to her friends, but she will continue to see at least some of them in Y summer camp and during playdates. She brought home a lot of special projects including an adorable Kindergarten Memories that she still needs to finish. She also brought over a “summer fun pack” which means a lot of worksheets. I have a hunch they will be done in the next couple of weeks, and then we have to think of how much schooling we want to do during summer.

Work. I’ve been busy and stressed in the last month preparing for a major customer conference that happened this week. Now it’s finally behind us, but a planning cycle starts for the next year. Arrgh – I really feel I could use a vacation, but it’s still two months away. At least I hope I won’t have to travel until mid July. My goal is to stop working 24x7 and turn off my computer on the weekends to enjoy summer with my family.


Afterschool: Anna will continue her gymnastics and Russian classes throughout the summer. She loves gymnastics and gets better in it. She reads and writes reasonably well in Russian, but her vocabulary needs a lot more work. Again, I am hoping to have more time for that, and, of course, visiting grandparents will help since they speak Russian only at home.


Places we are going… Finally, we started our pool season, and we hope that this is the place where we will spend most of our summer weekends. Our community pool is awesome, and Anna was delighted to meet some of her Y friends there. Anna also went to Happy Hollow park with several of her kindergarten friends on Friday, so summer break was off to a good start!


Quote of the week. Anna went to Happy Hollow with a family of her best friend, and I gathered from L’s “post-mortem” that she was pretty bossy during this outing.

  • Me (frustrated): Anna, you didn’t behave in a caring way. You were not thinking of others. Can you explain your behavior?
  • Anna: Well, mama, you know, I am an only kid, after all. I am not used to all that sharing.
  • Me: And how do you propose to solve this problem?
  • Anna: Get me a brother, of course!


TheRockerMom said...

LOL! Go and get that child a brother. Does your local megamart have any in stock??

Debbie said...

From your posts on FB about your community pool, I would have to think twice about going, EWWWW! Love Anna's thought process, we have had a lot of begging here about the baby brother thing too. Selena informed me, "I'll stay home from school and help you with Jr."

MaryAnne K said...

Anna's quote this week is hilarious! Such a fun kid :)

I hope you have a great summer, with some proper down time from work!

Phyllis said...

LOL...I like her answer!

Ticia said...

She may not think quite the same if she has one.......

Princess is frequently accused of being bossy as well. I wonder if it's something about kids born in that time frame?

Mom and Kiddo said...

I have a couple of brothers she can borrow for a week...... ;)

hey said...

So, is she getting a brother?! Then she'll really have someone to boss around!

I love that her teacher was magical!