Sunday, May 27, 2012


May25_LetterSchool is winding up. It looks like they mostly work on their iPads and prepare for graduation ceremony next Friday. There was also a note writing activity. Anna wrote me this lovely note – it’s very interesting to see how far her writing and spelling skills progressed in kindergarten. I hope we can keep up writing over summer, since it’s still not her favorite thing to do.May21_Science

Afterschool. It often seems to me that we don’t do enough at home, especially during ultra busy work periods I’ve been having lately, but Anna, of course, does a lot in her Y program. I love it when she brings different crafts and drawings home, and they also have “worksheet time” where Anna usually asks to do what her first or second grade friends are doing.

Places we are going – we have a couple of barbecues to go to this week, and we decided to take it easy overall, especially since I’ve been so busy lately and preparing for business trip in a week.

May24_BananagramsQuote of the week.

  • Anna: Mama, in my Y friend’s family, his father has a child, but this child is not T’s brother. How can it be?
  • Me: Most likely it means that this man is married again and had a child with another woman.
  • Anna: Well, I think that this man is magical and has a child all his own. In my world it’s possible, you know. All fat men are fat because they have babies sleeping in their bellies.


MaryAnne K said...

Anna's quote this week is very funny! One of Emma's best friends has a half-brother, so we've had this discussion but she isn't quite as curious about the details of it as Anna.

I love Anna's note!

Christy said...

They have iPads in her class??? Wow!

Kim said...

Crumpet is appalled by the idea of divorce, so we try not to discuss it too much. It's a lot for a little one to understand. I love Anna's take on it!
And I think you do plenty with her. Sometimes, a little down time just being together is important. Especially when you've been working so hard. Have a good weekend!

Mom and Kiddo said...

I think Anna's world must be a very interesting place to be. Sounds very magical.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love her quote. It sounds like she had really been thinking about it.