Sunday, February 5, 2012


In our lives. The highlight of this week was having papa back! Anna really missed him and was delighted when he arrived on Wednesday. In school they were focusing on 100 (100 Days of School celebration is tomorrow), friendship, and weather (for Groundhog day). We also managed to stay on track with our gymnastics and Russian lessons. Anna is one busy kid!


Afterschool. Between a “real” afterschool program in YMCA and other extracurricular activities we didn’t have much time, but we still tried a couple of science experiments on hearing. I plan a separate post on that. Anna is also working on her Valentines for her classmates. She usually manages 2 Valentines per night – at the moment 8 are done, 16 more to go.


Places we are going. The weather has been wonderful, so we are trying to spend some time outside. I am glad that outside time is built into Anna’s afterschool program when she stays in Y and that she is learning a lot of group games there. Last Sunday we went to a park with a water feature – always a popular place to go. I was actually surprised when Anna was done rather quickly with water play – I guess she didn’t find a worthy playmate, since most of other kids were much younger and, strangely, didn’t care to be bossed around.


  • Quote of the week.
  • Anna: Mama, I told J that he is my best friend, and he said, “I know”.
  • Me: How do you think he knows?
  • Anna: Because I also kissed him.


Christy said...

Too cute! Glad Papa is back!

Kelly said...

You should turn her quotes of the week into a book! She is so cute. It sounds like a great week and I'm sure you're glad to have Papa back too.
Little Wonders' Days

Julie said...

Oh! I forgot about Valentines. Thanks for the reminder. I doubt M will do more than a couple a night so we need to get started! Glad you had a good week!

Basbusa's Mama said...

That quote is too funny! What a little sweetie :)

MaryAnne said...

Kisses already? What a charmer =)

Anna's afterschool program sounds great! How nice to have the family together again, and I'm looking forward to your post about your hearing experiments!

Susan said...

I'm glad that Anna's papa is back! I know my girls would be so sad if their Daddy was gone for such a long time.
Anna's quote made me smile :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Sounds like he may be getting special Valentine!

Ticia said...

I can just imagine Papa's response to that quote....... I know what Jeff's would be.

Debbie said...

I was thinking along the same line as Ticia. I know Selena is already planning on filling the house with a lot of Valentines for when Papa comes home from his business trip.

hey said...

That last line from Anna is my favorite. Children are just so darn funny and matter of fact! :)


Kim said...

I thought I'd been missing your posts! Somehow I ended up unsubscribed to your blog..Aack. I've been reading posts on my phone lately and I thought maybe I just never had time to scroll down far enough, but nope, you just weren't on the list. I've missed you, and it was fun catching up just now. Sounds like you guys are doing great. Glad Daddy is back! Phew!