Saturday, December 10, 2011

It was a very busy week at work for me as you could see by silence on my blog. However, our reading program continued “as planned”. On Monday Smarty and I went to the library and she chose about a dozen book from Fairies series by Daisy Meadows. I am not a big fan of these books, but I am glad that she is not scared by Jack Frost and his goblins any longer. She read all of them in one day when she was home sick with a pink eye and kept reading them on and off all week. She also always picks one or two Dr Seuss books to read too when we come to the library. And here are some of the best Christmas books that we read together this week.
Stick Man
We love Julia Donaldson books, and I was trying to get Stick Man for quite some time. This week I was lucky, and it was definitely my favorite of the week (Smarty was very sad about the misfortunes of the main character at first). The verses read well, and the illustrations by Axel Scheffler are beautiful. The story has great twists and turns and, of course, ends well. The good news about this story that it can be read at any time of the year even if it does have a Christmas ending. And if you are in a crafty mood, here is option 1 for older kids and option 2 for a younger crowd.
The Nutcracker Ballet
The Nutcracker Ballet by Vladimir Vagin is a book from our own library. We have several Nutcracker books, but this one is my favorite and closest to the original ballet flow. I asked Smarty if she wants to see The Nutcracker this year, but she was not interested, she is still afraid of Mouse King death scene in San Jose interpretation. However, she really liked the Prima Princessa Nutcracker DVD that we won in a giveaway at Mama Smiles. I enjoyed watching this program with her – it’s sort of “Nutcracker Cliff Notes” for young ballet lovers. We followed the movie by reading this book before bed.
Bakers Dozen

We read The Baker’s Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale by Aaron Shepard on December 6, since we celebrate Saint Nicholas Day in a German tradition. The book doesn’t really focus on Saint Nicholas, but it is gorgeously illustrated by Wendy Edelson and communicates a message of giving pretty well. A perfect complement would be baking and decorating St Nicholas cookies, but Smarty doesn’t like icing on the cookies. I saw a nice St Nicholas peg doll here (mom made). Oh, and Smarty was delighted to see her Santa letter to disappear on the night of December 6 and her shoe filled in the morning with Christmas chocolates and a pretty ornament.
Llama Llama Holiday Drama
We loved Llama Llama books by Anna Dewdney when Smarty was younger, but we missed this new edition to the series last year. As all other Llama books, this one is a cute book for young children, and it’s kind of sad that my daughter informed me that this is a baby book, she seems to be growing up so quickly. I love illustrations in the series and facial expressions. The story also reminded me to slow down and take a break when needed before I myself throw a tantrum over business and stress of this holiday season.


Christy said...

R loves Llama llama books!

I remember reading Stick Man last year, it's a good book. I forgot about it, but maybe we can still get it from the library.

We usually see The Nutcracker every year, but not this year. I hope we go next year.

Ticia said...

The Baker's Dozen looks gorgeous!

I think I have that version of Nutcracker, I need to make sure to read it before taking Princess out this week to Nutcracker!

Kelly said...

I love your book picks for the week. Anna is growing up so fast.
Little Wonders' Days

Joyful Learner said...

K has asked me to take her to see The Nutcracker. I'm not sure if it's sold out but as a back-up, I'll look into the dvd.

MaryAnne said...

We haven't read any of these! Thank you for always providing library inspiration! =)

MaryAnne said...

Oh, and I'm glad she liked the Prima Princess DVD!!!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We checked out the Baker's Dozen for the 6th, too. I would have liked to have found the edition with the cookie recipe included - but the one at our library didn't have it.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I keep trying to add my link, but it won't work for me anymore.

Beth ( said...

I love all the great reading books! I see some of our favorites & new ones to try too =-) I am your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-) I also wanted to invite you to come over and link up at my TGIF Linky Party-
Beth =-)

Susan said...

This is a great list, Natalie...several of them are new to me. Thank you for linking at Three Thinking Mothers!!

Theresa said...

I am a children's librarian and I read LLama, Llama to the kids every year!

I want to look for that Nutcracker book..the illustrations are beautiful!

Lovingmama said...

We have been reading tons, but haven't hit any of these books. I'm taking Elly to the Nutcracker for the first time this weekend and wish I had the book in my hands. I may have to order it for reading next week!